5 reasons why you should choose a Tim Westbrook hand watch


Choosing a stylish and trustworthy hand watch becomes an increasingly complicated process now that everyone produces everything and sells it wherever they want. Tim Westbrook watches are a relatively new option on the international market, and we’re here to tell you some of the best reasons why you’ll be happy to own one.

Tim Westbrook watches are proven to be reliable. It doesn’t matter that in the 21st century hand watches mainly serve as a fashion accessory. We aim to provide you with a watch which will remain functional and dependable for an extended period of time. Tim Westbrook watches have a precise Japanese quartz mechanism which guarantees the long life and the high-quality time-measuring of the watch. The mechanism has a 3 ATM level of waterproofness, which means you can take a bath with it, but you can’t dive with it.

Tim Westbrook watches are simple, yet functional.

Having a lot of additional extras doesn’t always go with a gingerbread looks and a tawdry style. Tim Westbrook watches have a lot to offer without compromising with their distinguished looks. A chronometer, a date and a calendar, two additional buttons and luminous arrows – that’s what you get, and our designers had ensured that all of it remains unseen unless you want to see it.

Tim Westbrook watches are unisex.

They complement equally well the style of the distinguished business lady and the looks of the classy gentleman. Not because we live in a time when this is a trendy approach, but because our watches are simplified enough to match both genders without a conflict.

Tim Westbrook watches have a classy and stylish look.Tim Westbrook hand watch

Inspired by the old school manners and the idea that class is neither bought with enormous amounts of money nor achieved with a blatant design, our hand watches are of clean and simple nature. We consider our time to lack the timeless style, and we aim to bring it back around.

Tim Westbrook watches come with a branded leather watch gift box.Hand watch gift box

Not only because a gift like this needs a proper gift box, but also because every watch has a longer life and keeps its perfect looks when it’s properly stored.