5 Reasons You Did Not Get a Second Date


You have been on a date and, of course, you friends start asking you how was it. You had a great time and you are sure that he will call you back for a second date. However, the days pass and you lose any hope. It is time to come back down to earth and face the truth: you are not having a second date. And what is the reason for this result? You probably thought everything was cool and there were no signs that he did not like you. Here are 5 reasons why you did not get a second date.

№ 1 Be at your best behavior

Yes, he has to know about your bad side as well but not yet. Do not show any bad manners on the first date if you want to have a second one. This is one of the most unpleasant things for a man. Do not curse, do you eat with your mouth open, be on time, don’t be rude to the waiter and don’t tell him you do not like the place even if it is so.

№ 2 Be completely honest

These days, finding a boyfriend online is absolutely normal. It is normal to present yourself in the best way possible – you upload only your prettiest pictures or write that you love sports like football but you actually do not know any of the teams’ names. Just add some “normal” pictures of you and type what you really like. Men won’t like you if you try to fool them.

№ 3 Do not ask too much questions

You can find out some things about him even without asking directly, you just have to see. This is true for the answering part as well. Try to be a bit mysterious, do not reveal yourself in the first date. Be careful exactly what you talk about, do not touch upon subjects like exes or sex (not yet).

№ 4 Don’t rush things

Yes, you had an amazing time and you really liked the guy but hold on a little. Don’t tell him things such as “meet my parents” or to invite him for a lunch as soon as the next day. Wait for him to do the first step (as we are used to). When you are home you can send him one message, just 1, thanking him for the dinner but do not start bombarding him with texts.

№ 5 He is just not into you

Or in other words, there is no chemistry. Sometimes you may like the guy be he won’t feel the same way about you. Such things happen in life. The same goes for the other way round. Do not hide in the corner sulking that nobody likes you. Instead start looking for the next one. Who knows, he can be just around the corner.