6 Signs That Your Boyfriend is a Womanizer

handsome man

Who does not like handsome men?

But dating such a guy can become a problem when it comes to faithfulness. Good-looking guys are often womanizers because they are aware of it and are pretty comfortable with the fact that women like them. But if you are not sure your man is a womanizer, here are some signs that will help you realize it before it is too late.

He pays too much attention to other women

You can find out that your man is interested in other women just the way he looks at them. When you are in the mall or somewhere else shopping and he does not pay attention to what you tell him but instead looks at other women, this is pretty indicative that his intentions towards you are nor very innocent. He may well again leave you without you expecting it.

When you are together

One of the most obvious signs that your guy is a womanizer is that he wants to meet with you only in the evenings. If he keeps rejecting your invitations for a shopping or a walk in the park during the day you already know why he is doing it.

A man who wants to really be with you will not be afraid to go out during daylight and be seen with you. He will even wants you to meet his friends.

His touch

You have to feel comfortable together. Pay attention to every time he touches you, how and where. If he hugs you often, or likes to touch your hair and to caress your hand, you will know that his intentions are serious.

But if he wants only to touch your booty, well, there is nothing more to say.

Social networks

There is nothing wrong to check his profile in the social networks. You can find out more things about him than you imagined. If, for example, he has more female friends, or more pictures with women than with men, let’s say that his surroundings are very indicative. Especially when the women are attractive, men just fall into temptations easily.

His compliments

Pay attention to his compliments. If they are limited only to your outer appearance, you can be sure that this is not the first nor the last time, he is doing it and unfortunately he may not really mean these things.

He has done “this”/ he has done “that”

We all have met guys who like to boast with what they have done and in fact all of these sweet talks are exaggerated. You cannot count on such a man. He will think first about himself and second…about himself.

If you recognize your man in the upper mentioned description, think twice before going into something more serious with him.