7 Fashion Myths Debunked


Fashion is a way to express ourselves and this is the best thing about it – we can wear whatever we like and still be fashionable (most times). This is why when somebody tells you that you should not wear a certain color with another one because they do not match, think about it twice before you change your clothes.

As in every other field, fashion also has its myths. Here are 7 fashion myths that are finally debunked. You can relax and wear these combinations if you like. It is all up to you now.

  1. Wearing white after labor day

Where does exactly this fashion trend come from? In the past this was the etiquette the aristocracy had to observe and also people were beginning to prepare for the cold winter weather. So they decided not to wear it after the first Monday of September. Since there is no longer such etiquette, you can wear as much white as you like. This color is fresh and pure and will make you brighten up in the gloomy winter season.

  1. Wearing black and blue

Black is such a color that matches every other color there is. So, whoever thought mixing black and blue was probably not a big fan of them. If you like this combination, you can wear it and nobody can tell you you are no fashionable.

  1. Wearing black and brown

This is similar to wearing black and blue, somebody decided they just do not match. The beauty of colors is that you can combine them the way you want. Especially when it comes to black. For example, you can try wearing a black shoulder bag with brown handles. You will see how many compliments you will be payed.

  1. Mixing prints

There was a time in the past when stripes and dots were never to be worn together. And now if you see a man on the street wearing shirt in stripes and plaid pants, he definitely knows what is going on and did not just grabbed any clean piece of clothing.

  1. Wearing socks with sandals

This probably goes for the ugliest shoes grannies love to wear because they are comfortable. Probably this myth comes from the fact that sandals are worn in the summer and why would anyone need to wear socks in the summer? A number of fashion designers, however, debunked this myth and showed you can wear socks with sandals and walk the walk

  1. Mixing gold and silver jewelry

As you can already see, there is nothing impossible when it comes to fashion. Mixing gold and silver was considered tasteless because they are two different kinds of metallics and for that with different colors.

  1. Exposed bra straps

It is rarely classy to show your underwear even if it is the best one you have. But with bra straps is a bit different. In the 90s women started wearing “invisible” bra straps. However, there are still visible and they are even more obvious than the regular ones. So, if you are wearing a dress, but you are afraid your straps could be seen, do not change them for invisible. Let the invisible straps stay in the past.