9 Time-saving Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know


Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you do not have time to fix some of the small beauty mistakes that time made. Or, let’s be honest, you just felt like you do not want to do it because you were feeling lazy. But now you won’t make any more excuses where you read the following time-saving beauty hacks. Here are our time-saving beauty hacks that will help you look flawlessly even when you do not have a lot of time, or just because you are a bit lazy.

  1. Keep your makeup remover next to your bed

This way you won’t have any excuse why you did not clean up your makeup before going to bed. A lot of us, if not everyone, has come back from a party late in the evening, or should I say, early in the morning. We cannot wait to go to be, sometimes even with are clothes on. And we completely forget about our makeup or we think that this one time would not hurt. However, going to bed with your makeup on could have disastrous consequences for your skin. Always keep your makeup remover close to your bed so that you never to forget about removing your makeup.

  1. Use glitter to cover up bad nail polish

If your nail polish is growing out you think that you do not have time for it at the moment, or that people won’t notice it. However, you are wrong and again you do not have any excuse not to fix your nail polish. Just use glitter to cover up the spots where your nails are showing. It is an easy and fast solution to your problem and most important, it won’ leave the impression that you are lazy.

  1. Use a hairdryer for your makeup

This may sound strange to some of you, but if you think about it the idea is pretty good. If you are impatient for your moisturizer, toner or makeup to get dry, just use a hairdryer to speed up the process. Some products, like toners, need to absorb into the skin before moving to the next step. And sometimes it is the same with makeup. It needs to be dry before you put on your outfit. This way has left no marks on your clothes, or at least there will be minimum damages.

  1. Use lipsticks for multiple purposes

Red color lipsticks could be very useful especially if you want to use them as a multiple tool. If you do not have a blush near you or if you feel too leisurely that day to put eye shadows on, you can use a lipstick for a cover up. Just apply some of it on your cheekbones and the creases of your eyes. You will have a fresh look without putting too much makeup on.

  1. Clean eyeliner mistakes with a cotton swab

Sometimes it is hard to make the perfect liner, that is, if you are not the perfect makeup artist. Eyeliners are beautiful, but can be messy. So, here is a fast and easy way to fix the mistake you made while putting eyeliner on. Just use a cotton swab to clean the messy edges. That way you won’t leave any marks on your fingertips and have to worry about cleaning them as well. Cotton swabs are also thinner than your fingers and thus easy to control.

  1. Use mascara instead of eyeliner

You are out of eyeliner, but you are also late for work and do not have time to buy some and then put it on. Well, this is not such a problem, use mascara instead. Some women who are masters in applying makeup can create beautiful eyeliner even using the mascara brush. But if you are not one of those, just use another small brush, maybe the one from the eyeliner that you used, and grab the formula from your mascara brush.

  1. Use white eye pencil

When you apply black eye pencil on your lower water line, it creates the illusion that your eyes are smaller. If you want your eyes not only to look bigger, but also to look more awake and fresh, then you should definitely try using white or nude color eye pencil. This small and easy trick will make people wonder what the different thing about your look is. It will also make you feel like a Disney princess with their wide eyes.

  1. Use a baby powder to hide your greasy hair

Sometimes when you are in a hurry for work, or for the unexpected date with your boyfriend, you definitely won’t have time to wash your hair. So, what to do then if your hair is greasy? Just use a baby powder. Sprinkle some in the roots of your hair and use your fingers to make it absorb into the scalp. And the results will be magical. Remember that washing your hair every (or every other) day won’t help you have strong hair because it will just start to create more oil.

  1. Use your eyeliner as eye shadows

You do not have time to apply eye shadows, or you just find it hard to mix two or three colors and have the perfect shadows. If you want to have sexy and easy daytime makeup, here is what you can do. Right after you apply eyeliner smudge it upwards with a cotton swab. And you will make a perfect smoky eye look for work. Easy and fast.