Solution to The Most Annoying Beauty Problems You Have


Some women have a gift when it comes to applying makeup. Others, however, are not so lucky, or at least not so much trained. Sometimes everything with their makeup is somewhat wrong because they have made one mistake or another and even more. The good news is that the most common problems have one of the easiest solutions. Here is a list of these beauty problems that include not only makeup, but also hairstyles and some cosmetic procedures.

Your concealers gather around your eyes

You have probably noticed that when you apply concealer around your eyes is somehow does not absorb into your skin and it just stays there in the form of small visible piles. One of the reasons for this is because you have a lot of mimics around your eyes, especially in the outer corner and it seems natural for the concealer to gather around it. Another reason is that the skin around your eyes is too thin that it cannot absorb the concealer. What you can do about it is to always apply a thick layer of moisturizer under your eyes which will help the concealer get absorbed into the skin faster and completely and it will make it a perfect base for foundation.

You have just shaven your legs and the hair grows back the next day

You have probably experienced this unpleasant fact that when you shave your leg hairs grow super fast. And with some people some hairs grow immediately back. The bad news is that it will very difficult to make your hairs grow more slowly. However, there is something else you can do. Just wax. With shaving you remove only this part of the hairs which is above the skin and with waxing you remove the hair from the root. Thus, when the hair starts growing the time this will take will be longer. Another reason to choose waxing over shaving is that shaving can make your skin very hard and sometimes even dry. The only thing that probably will make you choose shaving your legs than waxing them is that some women (and men) find it very hard to resist all the pain in waxing. Sometimes your skin can even get bumpy or red because of the waxing, any kind of hair removal is stressful for the skin. So you should apply a soothing lotion.

You have small locks of hair around your forehead

This is one of my personal nightmares. Those small sections of hair that at one point they reach the maximum length of their growth and just stand there getting in the way of your otherwise perfect hair. They are especially irritating when you have decided that you want to wear your hair in a ponytail and these frizzy buddies show up to ruin everything. So how can we get rid of them? Here is my secret. Get some hairspray and a new toothbrush. Spray the toothbrush and gently brush with it the flyaways that you see. You will be surprised how much trouble this little trick will save you. It is definitely worth trying.

You have a perfectly sleek hair, but it is raining

As you know, humidity can ruin a perfect hairdo because it makes hairs very frizzy with a lot of volume but definitely not in a good way. One thing you could try, except for wearing an umbrella, is to completely cover your hair with some scarf to protect it from any rain drops around you. Another thing you could do is to loosely wrap your hair in a bun using large French hairpins to keep it together. But make sure that is loose enough, so that when you reach your destination and remove the hairpins your hair to have the same gorgeous sleek and straight hair you had before you left.

Eyebrows alert – you over-tweezed them

Everybody has made mistakes when it comes to their eyebrows. People even say that there is not a single girl in the world that likes her eyebrows. Of course, this is absolutely not true, but it is true that if you tweeze just one hair incorrectly you just change your eyebrows completely. So, instead of worrying that all the people are staring at your eyebrows, I suggest you invest in something else. Buy a brow pencil and fill your eyebrows with it. Choose a shade that is lighter than your natural color and apply it with small strokes. Try to make them not so even because this will create the illusion that you actually have hairs under there. And the greatest thing about brow pencils is that you can completely change the shape of your brows. Make them the way you like. Now we will see if there is not a single girl in the world that likes her eyebrows.