9 ways to Tighten Your Skin After Weight Loss


After you have gone through a rough diet, you are finally happy because you have reached the weight that you have desired for a long time. You look at the mirror and you are still not satisfied with what you have accomplished. And that is not because you still think there are some extra pounds you need to lose, but because naturally after a person loses a lot of weight their skin tends to be more or less stretched. And thus it needs to be tightened. There are a lot of ways you can do this. One of the most popular ones is through exercises. Here is a list of the top ways we found for you.

1 Do not lose weight too quickly

As you know, prevention is the best way to avoid a problem. If you think about the consequences in time, you will avoid the terrible result of having your skin stretched. Losing weight too quickly is not the healthiest way to lose weight in general. It is not only about your skin, but about your health as well. Remember that time is not your enemy, but your friend. The slower you lose weight the better. And if you combine your diet with some physical exercises even if they are not very severe, like walking, you will not have to worry about problems with your skin.

2 Do not stay out in the sun too long

When you have lost the weight you want everybody to see your gorgeous new body, so you do not mind walking around in your swimwear. However, you should be very careful because the sunlight is absolutely not friendly for your skin. Try not to expose yourself too much, especially if you are not wearing sunscreen on. It could have not only negative effects on your health, but also on your effort to try to tighten your skin. Being in the sun too long can loosen up your skin.

3 Salt/Mineral scrubs

You have probably noticed that in the summer, when you go to the beach, your skin very soft and there are few zits on it. This is because of the salt water. Scientists have found that salt is good for the skin. So, if you want to tighten your skin you could do some salt or mineral scrubs. Try doing it twice a day before shower at least three times a week and you will soon see the results.

4 Massage therapy

Except from being absolutely relaxing and pleasant, many people claim that massages do actually tighten your body. It stimulates the blood coming to your skin and makes it fresh. You can try it, it most surely won’t happen with only one massage, but that will be the perfect combination of pleasure and great results. If it does not help, for sure it will not make it worse.

5 Spa wrap

Another method to tighten your skin is to do some spa procedures. You could try seaweed wrap. Again, it will make you feel good and relaxed. This wrap will feel like mud on your skin. You know when you have some fresh mud on your hands, how quickly it dries out. With seaweed is kind of the same. When it dries it makes your skin tighter and the feeling is again very pleasant, especially when you get off all of the seaweeds.

6 Pay a visit to the gym

Not all the people like going to the gym. Some tend to lose weight only with exercises, others prefer with diets. But the truth is if you really want your body tightened faster then you should do some exercises. It is not necessary to go to the gym, you can do them at home. Exercise three times a week, and not every day if you do not want to look muscular, and soon you will see the visible results.

7 Drink a lot of water

If you want to have healthy skin, and actually feel healthier as a whole, then you should hydrate your body well. Try to turn drinking water into a habit. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If you sit around and you do not have anything to do, or you just want to relax a little from all the work that you have, stand up and pour yourself a fresh glass of water. Drink it slowly or faster, as you like, but try to turn it into a habit. This way your whole body will be grateful to you and you will maintain your youth for a longer time.

8 Practice yoga

More and more people nowadays tend to practice yoga. This is mainly because this helps them relieve stress, makes them more flexible and helps them lose weight. And, of course, doing yoga will help you tighten your skin. The results won’t come as quickly as you probably want, they will be long and coming but this is a good thing. You will be surprised how many positive effects it will have on you and your body.

9 Eat raw foods

This is probably the least expected way to tighten your skin. Do not think of raw food like raw meat. Anything from raw vegetables and nuts can do the job. With cooking some of the healthiest ingredients in the foods disappear. Preserve the vitamins and minerals by eating them raw and you will soon notice the result on your skin.