How to Exercise at Work


Nowadays is very hard to find time for everything. We work ourselves out into exhaustion and we barely have free time. And with only one weekend in a week how is possible to do everything we should do in our spare time, like to for a coffee with our friends, have some time with our boyfriend, have a lunch with our parents and still have time to read a book or watch a movie. And on top of that we should eat healthy and work out. How is even possible to do all of these things without having a tool that can make time stop? No, there is something better you can do. How about doing some exercises at work?

We know that a lot of people nowadays work in offices, many of them even have gyms but this is not what I have in mind. Instead of spending your lunch breaks there, you exercise in the same room where you work. Before you think this is a crazy idea that will make you look stupid in front of your colleagues, look at our suggestions. The best part is that you won’t need any shower or changing your clothes after the workout. Oh, and yes, you can even do all of the exercises even wearing high heels!

Desk chair swivels

Sitting in front of your chair all day long can be pretty boring, but not if you do some exercises, you will not only change up your routine but they can also give you some energy for the upcoming tasks. All you need to do sits on your swivel chair with your back straight and your legs pressed together off from the floor. Hold your desk with your fingers and start swirling from side to side. Do not move your fingers from the initial position you put them in. Twist your body as much as you can. Feel the slight pressure on your abs. Do at least 10 twists to each side and you can repeat this exercise as much as you want during your work day, however, try it at least three times. I do not promise you you will have the abs of a football player in a month, but at least your muscles won’t atrophy.

Take the stairs

This is one of the smartest exercises you can do at work. Some business buildings have a lot of stairs and I do not suggest you climb up to the 30th floor every day. Take it slowly, the first day you can take the stairs to the 10th floor and later to begin to climb up to the 15th floor and then to the 20th until you get used to it. You can do it even in your lunch breaks or if you have a meeting on another floor. Just think about how much calories you are going to burn without even realizing it. And you will be also helping your company and the natural environment by saving electricity. So many positive sides to just one small action.

Coffee break kickbacks

When you sneak out of work just to refill your coffee cup there is still something you can do to move that stagnant body of yours. Stand up straight. Put all of your weight to your right leg and kick your left one back as far as you can. Remember not to move any other part of your body. Focus on squeezing the muscles of your legs. Do 10 of these kickbacks and then change your legs. Again, do 10 kickbacks. Try to do these exercises every time you go for a coffee or water.

Sit and stand

This is that exercise which will most probably make your colleagues stare at you, but this does not mean that you have to stop just because you feel embarrassed, you can ask them to join you. So, you had your lunch break and you go back to your seat. But just before sitting down and getting back to work, do some exercises. Put your feet a bit wider than your shoulders. Put your hands on your hips and stand with your chest lifted. Then sit on your chair and stand up right away. You have to just slightly touch your seat with your booty. Does this sit-and-stand exercise at least 10 times and do not forget to do it every time you come back to your seat.

The laptop bicep curl

If you have a meeting to which you need to bring your laptop do not miss the opportunity do put some pressure on your biceps. If you arrive first in the conference room or nobody is looking, hold your laptop with one hand and do 10 biceps curls. Then switch your hands and do the same biceps curls. As you know, some laptops are not so light and this could be the first positive thing you see in heavy laptops – they are perfect for biceps curls. You just have to stand up straight and not move any other muscle. Turn your palms towards you so you can see them. Grab your laptop with your hand and start lifting it up and bringing it down to the level of your shoulder. You can do this exercise even when you are walking, it will be a small distraction and escape from work.