Beauty Secrets That Any Woman Must Know


All women care about the way they look. We always tend to search for new solutions for out looks and for ideas, that we haven’t thought about earlier. Also beauty is unconditional and everyone should find what works for them best.
There is no possible way any woman could try everything there is. One lifetime just wouldn’t be enough. That is why there is internet and beauty editors.
There are beauty secrets that will last decades, just because they are so good. So instead of trying and wondering read along. The upcoming beauty secrets are a must for any woman/girl of any age.

Get rid of old products

So this one should be quite obvious and wide known. Yet many women never ever care to throw away products that are old (and old doesn’t mean that you have them after the expiration date). Do you know why your mascara sheds down on your face? Because it is too old! It just is, no matter what the date on the falcon says. And this is not good for your face.
So what should you do? Just don’t use any product for more that 3 months after the first use. To remember what your started using when – just write it on the falcon or something like that.

Make the pimples go away

So you probably have tried any product that says that makes the pimples go away instantly. And some might kind of work, but do they really?
But there is one trick that always works. It is kind of strange and odd, but if it is working, who cares? When you have a pimple, just put on it toothpaste. Leave it there for a few minutes and then rinse. This will instantly dry out and kill the pimple.

No oily skin for you!

So people get oily skin from time to time, especially in the summer, no matter what their skin type is. And that is normal. Our skin reacts to different outside factors, like makeup, stress, weather and more. But it is worst in the summer.
So what to do when you get oily skin and you fast need to get rid of those oils? Just use oil-control blotting paper. It could be find in many stores like Sephora (or others like that) and many brands have them. Just find the ones that work best for your skin. And with just a few swaps everything will get back to normal.

Lock that makeup

So makeup tends to fall of and no matter how long lasting it is, it wears out after a few hours (or less). But there is a thing that you probably skip, that would do the trick with locking the makeup –  powder. It could be re-applied way easier than anything else and it gives you a nice finish.
But does it always work – yes,  but only for creamy makeup! So after putting foundation, don’t just go – apply powder. The same applies for creamy lipstick. Lock it with powder, by putting a very thing tissue on your skin and then applying with a brush over it. And also when using cream blush – go over it with powder one. That way it will last the day.

Use an eyeshadow base

I always thought that people really know that they have to use an eyeshadow base, so that they really seal the deal. But guess what – they don’t! Not an actual base, not a concealer, not a foundation (the last two create a nice base two). So can you think of a legit reason why?
Eyeshadow base creates a base, that keeps the shadows on for way longer and it prevents smudges when they are applied. Also your eyeshadow will look more subtle and professionally done. So it is about time your started to create the habit of using a base.

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