Beauty Standards of Female Body Over the Years


Almost every type of female body were worshiped over the years. And I’m not talking about the last few decades, I’m talking about 3 thousand of years before the present moment.
Beauty depends a lot on the way you look the other person. My theory is very simple. If you like a boy and he likes curvy lines, wide hips and juicy butt, you will try to achieve this look. And often, 8 out of 10 guys like the same type of woman’s body. And that’s how the stereotypes are made.

Another reason for body changes are the clothes. Believe it or not, the clothes are shaping the body. Just think about it, when we started to have love handles? The time we started to wear low-waist pants and jeans. When the jeans are tight at the lower part of the waist, they are making the body shape according the pressure of the belt, and if you are gaining some other pound, the fat will go where the free room is, therefore, above the belt – the love handles.

But I’m more interested in the certain shapes of the female bodies over the years. Let’s start at ancient times – Ancient Egypt. The period is c. 1292-1069 B.C. Clearly this period is too away from our time, but the scientists have been working on researches about the way the ancient Egyptians were living and more curiously – the way they looked. The female bodies were almost all about the symmetry. The shoulders were narrow, slender body, the waist was high and thin and the face used to be perfectly symmetrical.

We keep up with the ancient time and that list we must include the Greeks. The Greek women used to be considered as “disfigured” versions of men. Don’t start the feminist attacks, the time were c. 500-300 B.C., almost a 2500 years from now. The opinions were different and odd to us, the Greek  believed that the only mission of the woman is to be an incubator for the man’s creation, which explains the common claim that most of the ancient men were gays. So, he female bodies were plump, juicy, strongly curved and the skin was light and pale.

Han Dynasty – c. 206 B.C. – 220 A.D.
The bodies are everything but curvy. The women had to be thin, small and really delicate – slim waist, pale skin, small feet.

Italian Renaissance – c. 1400-1700
Big ladies are worshiped during the Italian Renaissance. The more, the better. Everything is full and rounded – the stomach, the hips, the breasts, the arms. The skin was light and the hair was curly and long.

Victorian England  – c. 1837 – 1901
The women from this period achieved the desirable body shape with corsets, which leads to: full figure, but small and thin waist, round hips.

The 20s – c. 1920
And then the craze about thinner bodies began – flat-chested bodies, boyish figure with no defined waist, short hairstyles.

And only a decade after the 20s, Marilyn Monroe came with all of her sexy look and attitude and she made the curvy sexy again. But that lasted only a couple of decades, when …
… the 60s brought the trend of thin bodies, with long, slim legs, looking like a boy.
And then, during the 80s, the female bodies changed again – athletic body was the new skinny, therefore, the new sexy. Tall, toned and bold.
Unfortunately, the modeling era brought unhealthy addictions – drug craze, which led to the famous look of Heroin chic. I present you the female body of the 90s – unhealthy thin, translucent skin, tired look.
And now, we are witnessing the big breasts and butts trend. The beauty is more about being strong, tight with enhanced muscles. The stomach is flat, the skin is bronze and this look is regularly achieved with a lot of plastic surgery.