best sexy belfie

In the urban dictionary you can find a word belfie“, its definition is:

To take butt selfies.
Taking a selfie to your butt (booty).
Selfie+butt = belfie!

So far we met several kinds of selfie:

The Ussie – when several people are taking a selfie together;

The Uglie – when you take a selfie, but you are making a funny/ugly face on purpose;

The Wealthie – when you make a selfie while covered with money;

The Healthie – eating a salad or drinking smoothie, gym mirrors or park jogging, all of these are Healthie;

The Relfie – when you and you loved one are taking a picture together, it comes from relationship and selfie – Relfie;

And the belfie is the last one that I’ve heard of.

But the adventure of the belfie tutorial is not finished yet. Now we will learn about the different varieties of belfies and your job is to start practicing until you master the skill of taking perfect belfies (maybe you will need to do some exercises if the condition of your belfie is a little bit off right now after the holidays).

The Queen of the belfie is Kim Kardashian. She has the perfect back for belfies and she really knows how to do it right. First of all, you should know that if your hands aren’t long enough to position to phone far enough for making a belfie, then the mirror is your best friend, or if I can say the BBF – belfie’s best friend. Choose and angle, adjust the position of your booty, focus the camera and snap it. If you are not satisfied with the result, keep shooting or go to the gym.

Another way to pose for a belfie is a sexy squat. Maybe after the twerking session? No matter the time, just squat, make sure that your private parts are hidden and snap the view.
You can also combine the belfie with an ordinary selfie. If you are not proud with your own butt, you can make a selfie next to someone else’s booty.

The last type of belfie is the innocent one, you can pretend that it’s not a belfie, while it actually is. Turn around and let someone else take a picture of you, but if you smile, wink, wave, etc. it won’t count as a belfie

The belfie is really a thing now, there are many #Belfie pictures in Instagram. If you want to keep up with the trends, make some belfie pictures and wait the likes and the comments, but if you are not confident enough to show off your booty, you’d better do the thing you feel is the right one.

Now you are informed about the Belfie and the next time you see the #Belfie you will be prepared and not surprised.

And look at our favorite funny belfie below:

funny belfie