Choice of Jeans in Accordance With the Type Figure


Jeans are the most versatile garment. Both men and women love to wear them. They are suitable for both everyday life and to go to a luxurious party or occasion. The most interesting thing about jeans is that they were made to be worn by men while working, as for the ladies, they appeared much later in their wardrobes. Nowadays, there are many models designed specifically for women. They are beautiful, durable and comfortable. And the best part is that the jeans are now made for all types of female figures.

Jeans for tall women – Tall women should be directed towards long jeans and bright shades. The low waist is most suitable for them. Jeans can be worn, slightly widening down; models with straight or curled legs; free jeans and jeans-bananas. Stay away from short jeans, model type 7/8, and also those in which the legs are narrowed down and the modern right, but are tight in the body jeans type “cigarette”. When buying jeans, make sure you demand indication of the growth of the labels “For tall women” or “Extra long”. You can stop your choice on models, rough at the end, which will allow you to adjust the length according to your figure.

Jeans for short women – Give up tight body type models wedge jeans with rolled edges, bright shades of protracted models and those narrowed down as they visually shorten your legs and make you look even lower. Head to the models type “cigarette”, dark shades and possible long (according to the shoe). You can combine jeans with high-heeled shoes in similar colors, this will add additional length to your feet. You should be careful with too free models because they can make you look too weak, while skinny jeans attract a lot of attention to your height.

Jeans for women with unexpressed thighs and flat bottom – The best choice for you are slightly flared jeans with high or low waist (if you have a nice waist). These models on the one hand weight the viewer’s gaze to the lower legs as distractions from the hips and buttocks, and on the other hand – add extra volume, making the figure much more well-defined and feminine.

Jeans for women with unexpressed waist – Women with unexpressed waist often buy jeans with a larger size as those that fit perfectly on their feet. My advice for you is to choose the size you normally buy and customize it to your figure. However, for you are suitable models that are straight and dense as this will make your waist visually smaller and more proportionate to your hips. Moreover, you can choose male model jeans and probably will find the model that suits you best.

All of these tips are good recommendations, but they are anyway too generalized and can sometimes lose its relevance due to the fact that your form is unique. So, keep in mind our tips when checking jeans you want to buy and then decide whether our advice works for you or not.