DIY Old Tee to Trendy Top

diy t-shirt

If you are having a lazy Sunday afternoon and you are wondering what to do, why don’t you master some crafting skill, and more specifically – clothing design.

I know that sometimes you reorganize your wardrobe, which is a an extremely positive activity. You both free room for new clothes, which will be your inspiration for renewing the wardrobe, and also, you have the chance to restore, recycle or donate the clothes you don’t like any more.

Today I want to show you an idea for restoring an old, white, plain T-shirt. Take a look:

  1. You will need one white, hosiery T-shirt, dye, salt, thread and scissors.
  2. First of all you have to dye the tee. Choose a color that you love and dye it according to the instructions on the dye box. Usually, the time spend in the water and the dye determines the intensity of the color.
  3. Then rinse the shirt as many times as it’s needed, until the rinsing water comes out clean.
  4. Let the shirt air dry.
  5. Now fold the T-shirt just like it is shown in the picture down below. You will work on the back of the T-shirt, so make sure the fold is even and precise.
  6. Now make some cuts. Start in the middle of the back by making small cuts and as you  go further (up) make the cuts longer until you reach the neckline.
  7. Now pull the shirt in order to make the stripes look more natural, not like they just have been cut.
  8. Divide the stripes into three sections and tie every section with the thread. If you are not a fan of the thread idea, you can sew them delicately, without showing the thread, or you can tie the sections with thin satin ribbons. The decision depends on your preferences.
  9. All done! Now you have gorgeous backless, colored top.