Every Stylish Woman Need Scarfs


If you care enough about your style, you must wear scarfs, they are that small detail that makes one’s outfit finished and elegant. I am afraid to name the scarf an accessory, because it is more like a separate piece of clothing in my opinion. So, as long as you are reading this article I want you to think of the scarf as another item of your clothes, don’t categorize it to your accessories.

You will never get wrong if you wear a scarf, because of the huge variety among scarfs. They are seasonal, according to different occasions and styles. You are capable of including a scarf to any kind of outfit, just picture in your head your favorite outfit and you will see that there is a scarf for the outfit you’ve just pictured in your mind.

Let’s talk first about the trends and then we will switch to classics. These days I notice at the fashion runways and the magazines that the scarfs are worn alongside with dresses, as another section of the dress that have been forgotten from the designer. Huge, long scarf, one side shorter, the other longer, secured with a belt at the waist – amazing.

But before the styling lesson, you have to know which are the must-have kinds of scarfs, take a look:

  • The winter scarf. I’m sure you know the power of the winter scarf when it is chilly out there. It is also a  great way to show your style. While you wear a dark colored jacket,  you are allowed to choose a colorful scarf, which will pop out even more, because of the dark background that the jacket will create. Another trick for the winter – choose infinity scarf in order to use it as a hat too, if the weather changes fast in Frozen Kingdom.
  • Another must-have scarf is the cashmere one. Choose one color that goes with everything and this cashmere scarf will be your go-to decision when you are in a hurry.
  • Let’s talk more about warm season and printed scarfs – the floral one. This is a perfect addition to one colored outfit, the floral scarf will be  your accent and also, it goes perfectly with short skirt or dress, put a blazer on, you will look amazing.
  • Animal print.  Well, I have to admit it, I’m not a big fan of the animal prints, but there is one combination I really adore: Black skinny jeans, Black leather jacket, black leather boots, red lips, cheetah scarfs. Oh, this would be my outfit for tomorrow.
  • The last type of scarf I want to discuss is  trendy too – the Ombre scarf. According to the season, you can match it with every kind of outwear as long as you match the colors perfectly. Don’t choose baby pink and bluish scarf for the Fall.

You can wear scarfs as hair accessories too, as belts and as a cloak to cover your naked shoulders when you are wearing that long, backless dress.

Also, consider the fabric according to the seasons.

Enjoy your scarfs and make sure that you are buying enough of them in order to upgrade your collection every season. Have fun!