Eyes Issues During The Winter

eye care when cold

You know that the eyes are one of the most delicate area of a human face. Which automatically leads to the well known fact that you must  take more special care for your eyes. And you should take even better care when you live in four-season location, where the Winter is in town right now.

The cold, snowy season is reacting badly to our eyes.

We are talking here about season’s cold, low temperatures, dry air, chilly and strong winds, harmful UV rays, why are they harmful? winter eyecare

The UV sun rays reflect off the snow and the ice directly in the eyes. That’s why it is so recommended to wear sunglasses when it is snowy out there.

Here are some issues and the answers of the concerning questions, take a look:

Contact lenses in winter

If you are wondering about your contact lenses during the winter, there is nothing to worry about – your contacts won’t freeze. Like it or not, there was a test during the early 80s, when the military took a test on rabbits. They were exposed to minus 90 Fahrenheit and 78 mph winds. The contacts were just alright.

You can be calm about the contact lenses, but you have to be more cautious about something else – the sunburn.

Sunburn in winter

Yes, it is absolutely possible – your eyes CAN get sunburned. It might happen when your eyes were exposed to intense UV rays. The symptoms are blurry vision, burning sensation and very sore eyes. And all this goes for 24 to 72 hours. This burning might happen while you ski without your goggles.

So, there is one really convincing  reason for you to wear those goggles and sunglasses during the winter, right?

Excess water

Another inconvenience during the winter is the excess water in your eyes. The most common reason is that your eyes are simply dry and that’s t their way to protect themselves from scratching by  the lid when you wink while they are dry. Anything that irritates the eye cause tearing reflex. Unfortunately, the dry winter air and the cold wind are making all dry and sensitive, open for damages – the skin, the lips, the eyes, the hair. All of it!

To prevent such a condition  you can apply saline eye drops before you go out and use a humidifier when you are at home,  the humidifier will help you deal with dry skin and hair too. If it keeps going, consult with your doctor take a precaution.

Some of you will notice that during the winter your under eye bags are excessively large. Basically, this is because your skin becomes lighter and the dark circles under the eyes are contrasting your pale facial skin.

So, wear some bronze until the sun touches you and make your skin thicker and darker. There is nothing  extraordinary by your visible dark circles. And to reduce puffiness of your face, drink peppermint tea first thing in the morning. If you don’t have time for tea drinking, a glass of water and half of lemon juice will do the job as well. And most importantly, have a good quality sleep.

To sum up – wear sunglasses, moisturize the eyes with eye drops and have a good quality sleep and you will look as flawless as you want during the winter!