Fix Your Jeans


I am a short girl. I’m not proud of it, I don’t want to live that way, but I have no choice, that’s just who I am. And believe me, short girls have a lot of problems. For example:
When you are in the store, shopping, and the needed item is on the top shelf. I stretch and stretch, but so far I had never reached my favorite rice. I am obligated to ask for help, a thing that is absolutely unpleasant for me.

When you have a sleepover at a friend’s house and she is taller than you, all the mirrors in the bathrooms are placed really high and I can’t see myself, while I brush my teeth.

Another issue is when I go to a concert. It is so much annoying that sometimes I just stay at home and watch it in front of the TV, having a perfect view.

All these daily problems are so regularly happening that I’m used to them, but there is one thing that will irritate me always – the clothes. Specifically the pants and the long-sleeved blouses. I always have to pull up my sleeves in order to use my hands properly. But the pants are one thing that can make me furious. I hate long legs of jeans or pants. If the legs are wrinkled at my ankles, I look even shorter.

But my shortness made me stronger and smarter. I found a way of shortening my pants really quickly.

If you have a similar problem you will find this tutorial really useful, take a look:

  1. Place the jeans on a flat surface. Roll the leg of the jeans up. Apply some pins so the fold will be steady.
  2. Sew the two layers of the fabric really close to the original hem.
  3. Then cut off the excess fabric.
  4. Roll down the hem and iron it until flat.
    Done! Enjoy the jeans that now have the perfect length.