Food That Make Us Happy


Nowadays stress is a big part of our lives. We stress about work, school, friends and family – basically all that surrounds us. The worst part is that stress doesn‘t only make us sad and angry, but also ruins our health and metabolism. To stop this process, we have to try to eat healthy and eat mostly foods that will reduce our stress levels and make us happy. Here are only some of the foods we have to eat to become happy:

The best way to start your day is with a glass of milk! Milk is one of those products that contain tryptophan – an amino acid that helps increase the serotonin levels in your body and thus boost your mood. Also, it contains Vitamins B12 and D which help you handle the stress. If you add pancakes and chocolate to your glass of milk in the mornings, you will most definitely have a great day!

And if you are going to add chocolate to your breakfast, let it be dark. The minimal amount of sugar in dark chocolate in addition to the cocoa will make you feel energized and happy instantly! Also, you can find the bromine and phenyl ethylamine which contribute to making you happy and joyful because they help increase your endorphin levels.

Bananas can also help with your happiness and they‘re quite delicious, too! They are a main source of carbohydrates and, unlike synthetic sugar, give you energy throughout the whole day. They, like milk, are rich in tryptophan which, as we said, increases serotonin levels and in this way – your feeling of happiness. You can combine milk and bananas with some other delicious products and make a banana smoothie which will be the ultimate energy booster in the mornings!

No matter how bad it can be for your teeth, coffee can also boost your mood. Caffeine which you can find in coffee and some soft drinks can boost our energy and happiness, but if you drink too much of it you can achieve the opposite effect – you can quickly start feeling nervous and fussy. Also, if you drink too much coffee you can get addicted to the caffeine like you can get addicted to nicotine.

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