Fresh and Fun Date-night Ideas You Will Both Like


You know when you go on a date you think that you had a great night, but you somehow are not sure whether your partner had also a good time. This is probably because when you are on a first date you still do not know your partner that well, so you still wonder whether it was the best idea for a date. The good news is that there are places and things to do on a first date that both of you will like despite your personalities. Here are the top things to do on a date and if your partner does not like neither of these ideas just lose him right away.

1 Travel back in time and pay a visit to your childhood

A great and easy way to melt the ice on a first date is talking about your childhood. Tell each other what you liked when you were little. And you probably did the same things back in the days when there were no Facebook or Twitter and children liked to spend their spare time outside with the other kids from the neighborhood playing and getting accidentally in trouble. You can tell each other fun stories and you can grab an ice-cream and have a walk in the part. What better way to feel like you are a child again than a good refreshing ice-cream? You will not only have something in common, but you will also bring back the old memories.

2 Go dancing

One of the easiest ways to get closer to one another is by dancing. And why not learn to salsa? This way you both will have an excuse to touch each other without being pushy or uncomfortable. There are a lot of salsa clubs that offer early evening classes to beginners. And if one of you have already tried dancing salsa, it is even better because they will explain some of the more difficult steps. Eventually you will have a great time and a serious amount of laughing. And you both will already have a fun experience together you can talk about later in your relationship.

3 Go camping

Let’s be honest, this is not the ideal first date, but if you are dating for some time, then you will need something that you have never tried before. Go in the wild nature and spend a night under the stars. If one of you plays a guitar you could bring it also. If you are just in the right mood you will have a great time away from the modern and fast world for a night. You will have nothing else to do so you will have to talk. This could bring you together.


4 Go on an “everyday date”

This date is especially for those of you who work from 9 am to 5 pm, rush to the school to pick up the kids and go home to cook a dinner. We rarely do not realize that our lives have turned into a roller coaster, every day looks like the one before and it seems like there is no exit. If your routine does not give you fun and interesting opportunities, I suggest making these ones yourself. Go to an ordinary everyday date with your boyfriend or husband. Let him buy you some flowers and take you some place you have not been before. You could also have a romantic dinner or just go to see a movie. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the smartest.

5 Road trip

About this date you will need more time, so choose a day when you are free. Get into the car and just drive somewhere. No direction, no map, just you two and the open road. You will feel free and you probably would not want to go back home. Go to a some place you have never been and actually see it, feel it. At this moment you do not even need to talk just to know that you have one another and you both are witnesses to the view.

6 Make one of your dreams come true

Everybody has dreams that they are sure they will accomplish, or at least they hope they will, but they keep postponing them in time. One of the reasons to keep doing this is because sometimes we do not have the money for it and other times we are too scared. The ideal date for, you will be to achieve one of your dreams. It could be a smaller one, it could be to go to a concert of your favorite band. It could be just dancing under the stars or getting into a fountain in the middle of the night. Anything that will make both of you happy and alive.

7 Have a lunch date or a breakfast date instead

This will be a nice change for both of you to have a date at lunch or breakfast. Some couples work at night, doctors, firemen and policemen often have night shifts so going on a date at night it is not the best idea. If you have met each other at that time of the day you could also reenact your first date and remember what you felt like when you first met each other. You will have some great memories and great daytime date.