Glowing Skin For Your Beautiful Face


Have you ever noticed how your appearance changes during the winter: your skin gets dull, your eyes are watering all the time, you look tired and the whole picture isn’t your best. It’s because we enter some kind of stand-by-mode during the winter and forget to be active and healthy while the chilly weather puts blue thoughts in our heads. But there a few tricks that we should follow in order to save that glowing skin shining with its best. Take a look:

  • It’s not even necessary to tell you this, but a reminder is never useless. Try to take fruits that have acidic properties, which have amazing benefits for your skin – they lighten it up and increase the healthy glowing. Your skin will shine with even complexion. You can eat the fruits in a salad or squeeze them into juices, it is up to your preferences of intake. For me, it is easier to make an orange juice at home, pour it into a takeaway cup and do my business in the morning while having refreshing and awakening beverage. Once you have done the inside procedure right, you can build up to the outside too. Use the juice of a lemon, orange or tomato and apply to the face. Once the juice dries out on the skin, you can remove it by rinsing your face with cold water. Especially the lemon has brightening properties and you will notice the difference after two or three times of this beauty treatment. Do it at least twice a week for healthy looking skin.
  • Switch the cosmetic. You can double up the effect of the lemon juice treatment by using a daily moisturizer for your skin with added vitamin C in the cream. As we all know, the lemon is full of Vitamin C and if you use the cream, who also have a Vitamin C, you will keep the brightening all day, letting the vitamin work for your best look by giving your skin bright and healthy glowing. How the cream actually works? The brightening cream, combined with the properties of the Vitamin C will help reduce the production of melanin in the skin cells, which is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin and that often leads to uneven skin complexion. We definitely don’t want that to happen.
  • Go natural – plant based brightening treatment. Plants, or especially the roots of some plants, can play a huge role in your skin brightening process. Again, it is all about the production of melanin. The roots of some plants like the Angelica root extract for example, slows down the production of melanin.
  • If you have read about Chinese medicine, you will definitely know a lot about the licorice. The licorice is a sweet, chewy, aromatic black substance, which is made by evaporation from the juice of the plant roots. Its properties make the plant work as a natural brightener for the skin.

So, boost up the healthy glow with some of these methods and enjoy the appearance of your look. Have fun!