Great Christmas Gifts for Your New Boyfriend


We have all been there: you have been dating someone for a while, enough time to know he is great, but not enough to be entirely sure what to get him, you simply do not know him that well. Men are complicated creatures sometimes, especially from a female perspective. You should not forget that every guy is different, so even if you are getting inspiration from the following lines, put enough thought in the idea that you are going to embrace: is he romantic? Is he into music or sports? And are you good at DIY gifts or money is no problem for you to get something big?

  • If there is a cool event which is coming up, get him a ticket for it! A concert for his favorite band, a basketball or football match, or any kind of other cool happening: it will show you care, but it is still not too romantic. Besides, if you go together, it will make an amazing memory to share!
  • Sports gear is always an option if he is a jock. A ball, a hoodie or t-shirt of his favorite team or hat always works!
  • As we mentioned clothes, the best option is that, if you know his size and are somewhat familiar with his taste. A shirt, a t-shirt or a jumper will always come in handy: after all, most guys do not like shopping and you will save him time with that. Or maybe he needs a new wallet or a belt? Underwear might be a little weird, so skip that one! However, winter accessories (if you have noticed that he wears them) like woolen scarves or hats are a good choice for the upcoming holidays.
  • A book for the book worms: great! As with most gifts, you need to know what he likes: is he into classic literature, sci-fi or non-fiction? Does he love reading about history, economics, or biographies? There are so many choices and you can even write something sweet inside the book cover, so that the item remains a nice memory of you.
  • If you have been dating for enough time that you have pictures together, you can go to a photo studio and make him a calendar. Pick out funny and appropriate pictures and make him smile!
  • In case you have been dating for just a few weeks, but you know he is getting you something, do not risk it, and just go for a gift card at a shop that is versatile enough: you cannot go wrong with that and you will not feel embarrassed if you have not made the right choice!