Great Detox Breakfasts to Take to School or Work


Being healthy and fit can be difficult especially when you have a busy schedule. If you need to leave the house early in the morning, you often have no time to have a proper healthy breakfast at home. A good idea is to prepare your meals beforehand, so that you do not go out of your healthy eating regime. Also, if you bring breakfast from home to school or your workplace, it will be harder for you to be tempted to buy a cheat snack, a chocolate bar or a tasty, yet unhealthy burger. Sometimes it is hard to think of tasty detox recipes on your own; that is why we have created a short list of inspirations just for you!

  • Cheese and Fruit Bistro Box from Starbucks: You can use this as a inspiration of what to do at home: after all, it is not necessary to specifically buy it from Starbucks! The tray offered there includes almonds, cranberries and apple slices. Each of them has special benefits like removing impurities from your digestive system or being rich in fiber. This breakfast is not only tasty, but also will keep you full for a long period of time.
  • Breakfast Power Sandwich:. It is made with whole-grain bread (forget about white bread, at least for a while!) which also contains flaxseeds which are rich in omega-3 oils. You can put a slice of ham and cheese and you are ready to go!
  • Get Up and Goji Smoothie: Goji berries are a fantastic source of vitamin C, fiber, protein and essential amino acids which definitely classifies them as a superfood! Add some non-fat yogurt for a bonus portion of protein and calcium, a banana, a peach and an orange. The fruit will provide you will vitamins and fibers, so you will feel fresh and ready to be productive for the next few hours.
  • Chilled Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal: Oatmeal is one of the best breakfast ideas for it keeps you full for a long period of time, so you will not end up having a couple of unnecessary snacks before lunch. Put some low-fat yogurt, berries, almonds, rolled oats, apples, bananas, cranberries and skimmed milk. Cranberries can help boost urinary tract health, while apples and oats contain fibers that enhance digestion.
  • Egg Whites, Cheddar and Avocado on a Skinny Wheat Bagel: Avocado is one of the favorite foods of all fit people! It contains glutathione, which is a nutrient that helps block carcinogens and helps the liver remove synthetic chemicals. The egg whites and cheddar are great sources of protein and will help you feel full for a long period of time.