Habits that Can Harm Your Teeth


A beautiful smile can go a long way. It can impress people, not only make you seem more attractive, but also trustworthy and positive. However, a smile in which the teeth are not healthy is not going to have the same effect. There are many things that you can be doing in wrong when taking care of them, so that you end up with irritated gums or yellow teeth. Take a look and check if you are doing any of these things, and stop if you are!

Smoking! That is definitely the number one reason for bad teeth hygiene. It can also lead to gum problems by affecting the attachment of soft tissue and bone to your teeth. Overall, smoking has a bad impact on the function of gum tissue cells. It impairs blood flow to the gums, so it would take more time for them to heal. Not to mention yellow teeth: it is the smallest damage that cigarettes make, but it is the most noticeable!
Crunching on cold foods and ice is definitely not harmless! The coldness and hardness of very cold food and ice can cause serious damage to your teeth. The shock they go through because of the low temperature can cause small cracks on the surface. Avoid drinking very cold or very hot beverages since they can impair your gums.

Grinding your teeth is obviously a bad habit too. The pressure you apply on your teeth can actually cause micro fractures or actual fractures in your teeth. These weaker areas in your teeth can make them vulnerable and hold a risk for further damage. The main reasons for teeth grinding is stress or bad sleeping habits, so the best way to solve your problem would be to make relaxing exercises before going to sleep or during the day. Maybe even consult a professional?

Consuming lots of sugar is maybe the most famous, but also a very common bad habit that can ruin your teeth.Candy, however, is not the only food or drink that contains crazy amounts of sugar. You have probably heard that sodas can have up to 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Also, the acids found in these beverages cause further damage. Remember not to wash your teeth within thirty minutes before and after consuming soft drinks since the high acidity will ruin your enamel and the teeth-washing process leaves the enamel vulnerable.
It is better to skip biting your nails and trying to open glass bottles with your teeth: that ruins the enamel and you also get lots of unneeded germs in your mouth.

You see that there are threats to your dental health all over your everyday life. However, most of these things are unhealthy not only for your teeth, but for other parts of your body too, so it is better to start getting rid of them one by one!


Image :©-Igor-Mojzes