Harmful Combinations of Food and Drink

harmful food

Nutrition is an individual choice, but there are several combinations of foods and drinks which we do not advise you to combine and eat, because they cause the body discomfort and they even hide health risks. Of course, there are food supplements such as Laxpure rapid that will help you fight constipation and bloating, but it is always better not to need them.

Don’t eat or drink these together

Wine and coffee – as alcohol, albeit slight, wine is a stimulant for the body. At the same time, the coffee is a stimulant for the body because of the caffeine which it comprises of, making the combination of the two drinks with a high possibility to lead to over excitation of the nervous system.

This combination strengthens the aggression, too, causes headaches and can dramatically worsen the suffering from insomnia. The combination of coffee and wine strengthens the heartbeat, which can aggravate problems with the cardiovascular system in people who already suffer from such.

Wine and tea – Many people are of the opinion that after excess alcohol is good to drink tea. No matter what the tea, it refreshes if you drink it after hangover. And if this is a wine hangover, then you may incur the same problems as above by the combination of wine and coffee.

Shrimps and Vitamin C – prawns and other seafood contain chemical compounds that when combined with large amounts of Vitamin C, hazardous substances derive. The combination of shrimp and orange, mandarin or any other foods rich in Vitamin C can cause serious stomach upset.

Spinach and Tofu – Spinach contains oxalic acid and tofu – concentrate of calcium oxalate. The combination of these two substances can reduce the absorption of iron by the body, and proteins.

Milk and citrus fruit or milk and vegetables – Milk itself is a heavy meal / drink and difficult to digest. The combination of citrus fruit can “intercept” the milk of the interaction of acids and lactose. This further impedes digestion and bloating of the stomach, flatulence, pain and discomfort.

Fruit with starchy foods – surprisingly nutritionists recommend to consume fruits on an empty stomach or at least half an hour after eating. Our body quickly digests fruits and their beneficial ingredients, but if combined with starchy foods (rice, potatoes) absorption slows down. So fruits remain for long in our stomach and ferment.

Sugar and protein – Whatever the protein foods may be, if you combine them with something sweet, you would be wrong. Such combinations are made most often, if immediately after a fat steak you eat the dessert. Wait at least half an hour.

Sugar reduces the activity of the protein digestive enzymes and thus slows down the absorption of the protein in the body. This affects digestion as a whole and creates stomach upsets.

However you choose to eat and drink is really up to you. But knowing what not to combine or at least try to avoid it when you can, will certainly help you maintain a healthier and better lifestyle, making you feel and look better. Help your body by eating better, starting today!