How to Avoid Wasting Cosmetic Products


The beauty industry is an extremely successful and complicated industry which is build on a few female traits, one of which is something like greed.  Yes, the internal impulse every girl has once in a while to binge buy beauty products and stock up on three different cleansers, four body lotions and, of course, more than one mascara or foundation. The truth is we end up with many things that we cannot use up because their expiry date arrives silently and we have not been able to reach for that particular item enough since we were trying to juggle in between products.
A smart girl knows that we should use up the products we own and get the most of the money value. That is why we are offering you a few pieces of advice on how to avoid wasting cosmetic products. Take a look below!

  • Our first and probably most obvious recommendation is to suppress any impulses to buy new products before you have used up the ones you already have at home! Be regular when you are using your cleanser, moisturizer, mask or scrubs, for instance. Not only will you use up the products and not stock up on packages, but also the regular use of all items will improve the health and beauty of your skin, body and hair! This will help you have a good, tight beauty routine.
  • Also, you need to avoid impulse buys when you are downtown. Every time you enter a drugstore or a department store, carry a small list of the things you need and stick to it. Even if you are tempted to try out something on sale or the newest hairspray by your favorite brand, wait a few weeks and you might get a even better deal next time!
  • It is better to purchase cosmetics in-store as opposed to online, especially if you are trying new things. You can find great deals online, but take advantage of them when it comes to staple items in your collection. When you actually buy something in a shop and pay at the till, the action is better received by your mind, so you can feel
  • that you are spending money after all.
    If you love experimenting, buy smaller packages of products, so that you can change up brands often and not get bored by your collection! Stick to big packages only of the things that you are truly devoted to.
  • It is a good idea to resist the hype behind a product. There is a chance that it does not suit your skin or hair type or even just your taste. Try out a sample or a tester before buying anything, so that you do not end up spending money on things you are not going to use!

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