Signs that You Are a Shopping Addict


There is one type of therapy that every woman can practice at every time, as long as she has just a little cash to spend and that is shopping. Whether it is clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc., there is a special type of pleasure in picking an item and taking it home with you. Our weird consumer passion can take the act of purchase and possession to a whole new level where it can become an obsession. That is when it becomes an unhealthy condition: compulsive shopping, or oniomania, however, has not received enough interest and attention from professionals.
Nevertheless, we acknowledge that it may become a burden on a family’s budget. Want to check out if you are a true shopping addict or it is something you just occasionally do? Read below:

  • Take a look at your closet. How many pairs of black boots you have? Or short peplum dresses? Or leather jackets? Are there many items of the same type in your wardrobe? If the answer is “yes”, you need to rethink your shopping habits. You need just one of each of those things, maximum two. Grabbing the same type of item every time you are in the shop on multiple occasions during the same season is definitely not good for your wallet!
  • When you spend every single evening, especially Friday or Saturday, when you are supposed to be out and about, looking at the online sales or tracking the shipment of your latest online purchases.
  • You scroll your ASOS or Net-a-Porter app or your saved list in your account on the laptop every single day.
  • You can find receipts everywhere: pockets, handbag, etc.
  • When there is a holiday or special occasion coming up, you immediately start thinking about a possible gift for yourself or that you need a full new outfit to buy! You do not need to buy a new dress or clutch for each of the four weddings you are attending this spring, you know!
  • You cannot go out to grab some pizza with friends or on a weekend trip because you have spent such a big part of your money on shopping!
  • Salespeople in your favorite stores know your name and size.
  • You start eating cheap, frozen food just so that you can buy tons of clothes and accessories.
  • Your closet it full of pieces you have never even worn.

In order to overcome your shopping addiction, you need to do a few things. Avoid going into every single shop or going on every single website during sale season. Make a wish list in the beginning of each season: it should consist of items you really, really want and need and you have multiple ideas of how to wear them. Stick to the list! Do not surrender to the temptation of getting a pair of red Converse, just because they are on sale.
Remember that even a small wardrobe can be enough for you to look perfectly stylish, as long as you have bought the right items.