How to Be Super Effective Shopper – 7 Useful Tips


It is every (or at least almost every) woman’s passion to go shopping. But sometimes going shopping is a little adventure, especially if you are looking for something particular. Have you ever looked for any special type of shoes for days with no success? Well, you are not the only one. Many women have such problems. Or other times you bought something amazing for a lot of money, and in a week or two you see it on sales costing half the amount you gave for it. Sometimes you have to be careful with shopping and try to avoid such problems. Here are 7 useful tips that will help you become a super effective shopper.

1 Now what looks good on you

If you want to cut the time of your shopping, you can learn to do one simple but very effective thing. You should know what looks good on you and flatters your body. Certain colors will look good on your complexion, while others won’t. The same goes for the silhouettes. You should know what to wear if you have a small or a big bust, long or short torso, big or small booty, or wide shoulders. This will save you a lot of shopping time if you focus only on the clothes you know are going to fit you like a glove.

2 Make a storyboard

This is probably even more fun than the shopping itself – the preparation for the actual shopping. To cut your time at the shops and to make it more useful, you can create a storyboard of what you want to wear this season. As you know, each season there are different trends some of which you will like and others – you want. Search through the fashion magazines and the internet sites that present the new trends and make a list of what you would want to buy. Sometimes women subconsciously make such a list in their mind and they still look for something particular. However, it will be much easier for you if you make this mental list visible to you.

3 Plan your budget carefully

Knowing how much money you are going to spend each season or year is very important, after all money are one of the basic things you need for shopping, the others are having enough spare time and enough space in your wardrobe where to keep all the clothes and shoes. Decide how much money you can put aside for your wardrobe every year. You may not need a winter coat and boots every year, so you can put aside these money and save it for something that you will later need.

4 Have a solid base of clothes

When you have some base set of clothing it will be much easier to choose other complementary pieces. Some people love wearing jeans or black pants. When you have such a base you can easily buy a shirt that can go with it. The same goes for the bag, a stylish woman should always have a black leather tote bag that can suit every style. Having the base it is also easier to save some money and help your budget.

5 Buy clothes that can suit every season

Of course, this does not mean that you should wear your bathing suit in the winter, or your sweaters in the summer, but there are some pieces of clothing that you can easily use every season. Try with a simple casual singlet with a picture on it. In the summer you can wear it with a pair of short jeans, but what to do so that you can wear it in the winter or in the fall as well? Just put a black blouse with long sleeves under your singlet and you have turned it to a multiple-season singlet.

6 Know when is the right time for your shopping

In other words, buy all the clothes you need before or after their season, this is the time they would not cost so much. If you need a bathing suit buy it in the early spring, it is true that then there won’t be such a huge collection of bathing suits, but at least they will be at more reasonable prices. Another thing you can do is to wait for the season to be over and you can find a lot of good things that are on sales. You will just have to wait for the next season to wear them.

7 Find the right places

You know that there are a lot of stores where you can find a lot of posh clothes and accessories, and thus they cost a lot. You may want to have a certain blouse or a bracelet, but your budget simply would not allow it. So what you can do to save some money – search the market, find the cheapest stores that still have the things you like. Of course, this will take you some time, but in the end it will be worth it.