How to Fix You Outfit Problems in Minutes


Some morning are way more hectic than other. Sometimes when we rush the most, exactly then happen the biggest crises of them all. I am regarding clothes and makeup. I hate those mornings and hectic times when thing happen like this. Especially in occasions that I really do love my outfit. Small problems of course make us more furious than anything else.

So what to do in those? First of all breathe! Then try to fix the chaos. There are some fixes you have not thought about, but will work magic for you.

A pant that is way too long

First question – how did you notice it before? Second – why do you worry so much? Just roll it up. Although some people don’t really like the idea of that the truth is that it is very hip and modern right now. And actually you can pair a rolled pant with anything (I mean literally everything). This works for both casual or more official occasions and also for most kinds of shoes (including heels). So don’t doubt it. Rolling up a pant will help you to look way more edgy and cooler. And that is something anyone would want.
Shoe crisis

You just bought a new pair of shoes. And you do love them. Well that is great. When you tried them on in the shop they fitted perfectly and you were all in your purchase. But then on the next day when you decide to wear them shoes, it turns out they are kind of smaller than what you remember. Don’t worry you can kind of fix that. At least for the day.
Solution 1: Put on some very very thick socks on. Wear the shoes around the house with them. Then right before going out warm all that with the blow dryer. The last part will help the shoes to set at the position they are with the socks on. And the socks will help to stretch them out. So instead of worrying and making a drama just do that!
Solution 2: Glue the fingers! It might sound awful, but if it would work, why don’t give it a ‘Go’. Use a scotch tape or a bandage to stick them together. Either all of them or the first three together then the other two. This will help you mostly for high heels, because it will relief some of the pressure.
A big wrinkle

You are all dressed up and ready to go out and then somewhere on your clothes especially on your blouse a wrinkle appears. And that is the most awful thing ever. Instead of trying to iron it out in just the last few minutes you have got, do it with your hair straightener – it will war up way faster. Just take of the shirt or whatever piece of clothing has the biggest wrinkle and go over it with the hair straightener and voila – you are ready in less then 5 minutes.