How To Look Good in Pictures

How to look good on pictures?

People often joke that in the past people took pictures so that they can cherish the moment, while nowadays they only take pictures which to post in the social media. But whatever the reason is, people would want to look good on pictures.

And let’s admit it, this is a very hard job if you are not naturally photogenic. People find it hard to look at a picture of themselves and really like it, because they do not look in a mirror all the time (let’s hope so), and they are not used to their special mimics. For a lot of people looking good in pictures means to not look like themselves.

Well, no matter what your case is, if you want to look good in pictures, but you just do not know how, here are some tips that will help you. And when learn these techniques, you will gladly show the pictures from your vacation to your friends.

The “blinking” problem

How to minimize the blinking on pictures problemYou are just doing your pose waiting for your picture to be taken, but then the person taking it have some trouble with the camera and you are standing there waiting. Of course, just when the moment comes, you blink and the picture is ruined.

So, if you generally have the blinking problem, then here is a small tip that will help. Remember always to blink, even if you do not want to blink, when the cameraman points the camera to you, or right before that. This way you will have some more time before your picture is taken. It works!

No more double chins

Avoid the double chin on picturesSome people think that they have double chin and that it shows in pictures even if it is not that obvious. But if you still want to hide it, try this: elongate the neck and push your face towards the camera a bit.

If you tilt your head back, your chin will be exposed to the camera, while if you tilt it a little down, your forehead facing the camera, you will no longer be afraid of having double chin in pictures.

Hand on the hip

Hand on the hipThis is also called “the red carpet pose”.

So, if the celebrities do it, there is no way it does not work. It sounds a bit cliched, but it will help you look slimmer. This is the perfect pose if you are worried about your arm looking too big in the photo. We all know that in the summer you cannot possibly wear a long-sleeve shirts to cover your arm, so the only thing that you have to do is to create the illusion that you do not have extra fat on them.

If you push your arms to your body, the flesh will need some space and will be exposed to the camera and even people with slim arms look like they have extra fat there. So, just stick to the old hand on the hip pose, which will elongate your body if you stand in one side.

No more “Cheese!”

OK, whoever thought of saying cheese in front of a camera wanted people to look more relaxed, but I am not sure it works. Instead of wasting precious shots in saying a word that may make you mouth look in a strange way, why just not try to look relaxed and happy from within. If the moment is not extremely funny, think of a past situation that makes you laugh every time. Or talk with the photographer or the people you are taking your picture with. They can make you laugh. And here is another tip that will make you laugh for sure. “Sex” is the new “cheese”! Yes, instead of saying “cheese”, say “sex”, that is if you are with friends and not babies, or grandparents. The whole of the group will start laughing and you will look extremely happy. The natural smile, or laugh, could be your strongest weapon in pictures.

It is all about the eyes sometimes

Smoky eyelidsYour eyes could be your strongest, or weakest, spot in pictures. Think of Tyra Bank’s pictures, it is all about the eyes. She is able to take great pictures just by controlling her eyes. She has called this “smiling with your eyes”. Well, you can do the same. Do not think that it is too hard. No, you will need just some practice looking yourself in the mirror. The trick is to learn how to pull your face muscles (yes, you have some of these). Pull them back so that it looks a bit you have a facelift, and that your cheekbones are sharp. And while you are learning the techniques with your eyes, you may just wear sunglasses. There is just no way you not to look good if you are wearing shades, you could look even more attractive.