How to Make Your Wardrobe More Grown-Up After College


Graduation can be a very scary time period in one’s life: they need to abandon the duties of a student and the casual lifestyle they have been maintaining for a few years, and enter the “grown-up world” where words like salary, income, tax and career are not just a myth. Figuring out your future life is a hard task, but as soon as your start applying for internships and jobs, you will see that fate knows its job and it is only a matter of time that you fall in the right place.
Abandoning the casual student fashion style is another thing you might be sad about. We all over the university sweatshirts that you can wear to lectures and feel as part of the community. Experimenting with your clothes, deciding if you will be preppy, sporty or punk is lots of fun and can be a direction in which you can channel your inspiration and creativity. But it comes a time when pencil skirts and suits might become the main pieces in your wardrobe. Maybe it sounds boring, but you should not be afraid: it should not be! A girl with style can look elegant and appropriate, while being herself.So get excited!

Now is the time when you can actually step up your fashion game and look more like the great fashion icons of our time: Miroslava Duma and Olivia Palermo, for example. Shift dresses, expensive leather pumps, elegant coats and printed skinny trousers… Not to mention cool blazers with an interesting twist, whether it is asymmetry or a print, and maybe even a designer bag. At least now you will have an excuse to start getting more iconic investment pieces and know that they were worth the wait.
Pantsuits, for instance, do not need to look old fashioned: they can be accustomed to your youth and beauty. Pick separate pieces that you can mix and match, that are trendy and still are your style, even if it is a more sophisticated version of it. Start with neutral colors like white, beige, black, grey and even navy blue. You can also still keep a little of your boho taste or colorful, girly style: simply follow the same color schemes and transfer them to your outfit. Accessories are also a good way to protect your personal style form vanishing completely in the work environment. Simplicity can be the key and then add a little element from yourself: maybe an interesting piece of jewelry, a bright colored bag or edgy shoes.

Nowadays, there are so many versions of standard, elegant work clothing. Blazers can be in a floral or leopard print. dresses can have a cute collar neckline or a cool knot in the bottom front part. Ankle boots with a slight detail can also be a good choice.
You also need to pay attention to fabrics: embrace cotton, cashmere and silk! A bit of leather will not hurt anyone, though, so do not throw away the patent skirt or cardigan.
The most important thing is to find what silhouettes and colors work best for your figure and skin tone. From that moment on you just need to do your research and experiment while, of course, being aware what the etiquette in the office is