How To Solve The Most Common Winter Skin Problems

How to treat skin in winter

Winter is maybe the season when our skin is most vulnerable and needs special care and attention. If we don‘t treat it the way they have to, the result will simply be cracked, rough skin without any shine or color on it.

Because nobody wants dull and dry skin, I will share with you some tips on how to battle the biggest skin problems in the coldest times of the year!

Of course, the biggest problem in winter is dry skin. Dry skin is one of those things that can‘t be cured completely and has to be treated all season round. And I‘m not talking only about face skin – the skin on every part of your body gets dry and dull because of the weather and the only way to battle it is to use hydrating products daily.

Apply face cream

Be sure to apply face cream every morning before you go out and if your skin is extra dry, to reapply it when you need to. When it comes to your whole body, you can apply body lotion or butter when you get out of the shower or every morning before you put your clothes on. This way your skin will stay hydrated and soft.

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Wear wool with care

The next thing is something you can‘t avoid, but you have to take care of it some way. I‘m talking about rough skin caused by knitwear. Wool can be quite harsh on skin, especially if you have really sensitive skin so when you‘re wearing sweater and cardigans, be sure to wear something underneath that will protect your skin from the rough material. If there isn‘t a way, just be sure to keep your skin hydrated in order to prevent cracks and redness.

Beware of the sun

All summer long we use products with SPF to protect our skin from the sun. I don‘t know why, but people think that just because it‘s winter, skin can‘t be harmed by the sun. This is completely false and I‘ll tell you why – snow reflects light extremely well and that light goes directly to our faces.

Sun can damage your skin even when it‘s cold and cause dark spots or freckles. Prevent all of that by using a face cream with SPF of at least 30 and stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially if your skin is more mature and you already have some brown spots.