How To Style Your Winter Coat


Winter is finally here and we can finally start wearing our favorite winter coats and boots.

For me, when it comes to fashion winter is the season where I can show my sense of fashion to the others because of all the ways I can mix, max, combine and layer my favorite clothing pieces.

And one of those pieces is definitely the winter coat. Every woman should have at least one stylish long winter coat that she can wear in the days when she wants to feel more fashionable and feminine.

I have several of these in different colors (so they can go with the occasion and my mood, of course) and that‘s why I feel I can give you the best advice on how to wear your winter coat.

The classic nude

Nudes are always in style – no matter the season, the occasion or the garment itself. We wore nudes in fall and there‘s no reason not to add the in our winter wardrobe, too. A classic nude winter coat can be paired easily and is suitable for every occasion.

My favorite way of wearing the classic nude is with an all-black outfit to make the coat pop. Pair it with black jeans, a sweater and some ankle boots for a more casual look or make it extra professional by adding a black pencil skirt, some black heels and, of course, a white shirt.

If you want a pop of color you can always choose a colorful, thick scarf to make your look more fun.

50 shades of grey

Grey, along with nudes, is the easiest color to style all year round. I have a grey coat that I like to wear on my casual days, paired with some low heel boots and a chunky scarf.

This year, pastels are in top of the trend so when browsing for a coat, definitely go for the pastel ones. For me, grey is a more casual color so I wouldn‘t choose it for a formal event like a Christmas party, for example. Instead, wear a grey coat to the office, to school or a lunch with your best friends.

Don‘t go all black – choose whites, pinks and everything pastel go make your look flawless.

Don‘t be afraid to pair grey with brown – if you choose the shades correctly the end result could be a really nice combination!

All black

Of course every woman should have a black coat!

For me, black means style, simplicity and fashion in one!

Black is easy to style and you can wear it every day all day. But, keep in mind that black is not the best choice for younger women who want to want to have fun with their outfits and play with shades and patterns.

Black is for women who have experimented enough with their taste and sense of fashion and now they now what they like and what looks good on them. Look Victoria Beckham, for example – she is the queen of black, but in her early years she experimented a lot with her clothes before finding what look good on her.

Black coats are perfect for a formal event – around Christmas you can pair it with a black, red or a royal blue dress to go with the holiday spirit and don‘t forget to add something sparkly to the outfit. If you find a more casual coat, you can try pairing it with some ripped jeans and some moto boots – the favorite winter look for many of the famous street style bloggers.

Add color with your scarf, bag or hat if you don‘t want to keep the look all black.