Ideas for Last-Minute Gifts


Christmas is coming, hurray!

We are sure that at least the larger part of you are very excited this month because of the upcoming holidays.

There are so many things to love about Christmas: the decorations and lights in the streets, the beautiful tree in your living room, the cheerful carols playing in coffee places and the plethora of charity activity going on this time of year.

However, there is one thing that everyone, from children to adults, love about the winter holidays and that is exactly the gifts we exchange. There is something extremely pleasant to be surprised with an item you coveted for a long time or a thoughtful present that shows how much someone cares. Nevertheless, when we are on the “giving side” , things might get a little difficult.

Either you have a hard time to initially choose what to get someone, or you have simply forgotten you were invited to a dinner party the next day or that you decided to exchange a Secret Santa present in your office.

Do you want a few good ideas for last-minute gifts that you can pick up without spending too much money and feeling bad that you have given someone something that they will remember as “the least useful present ever”?

Take a look below:

  • A beautiful cosmetics or makeup bag always works for girls and women. They are usually not very expensive and would always come in hand. Pick one that is made of a thicker material, so it can be used for carrying all sorts of products when traveling, or go for a very stylish smaller one for the daily makeup necessities carried in one’s handbag.
  • A makeup kit is also a good idea! A big palette with eye shadows, blushes and lip colors or something in that spirit is an item that most of us do not usually buy, but once they get their hands on one, they are extremely happy! Such a present can help a girl learn to apply makeup if she had not done until now, or spice up her look if she sticks to traditional colors.
  • When you are invited to a dinner party and you are not sure what the hosts truly like, go for a bottle of high-quality liquor. Whether it is something festive like champagne or wine, or a more interesting beverage, like old scotch or cognac, it will always work. Just make sure the people you are visiting drink at least a little or at least have guests who drink: you want to avoid any embarrassing situations where they turn out to be ex-alcoholics!
  • A cool organizer for the next year can always come in handy for someone in the family. It is easy to find (look in stationery stores, book stores, even supermarkets!), and you can choose a special, hand-crafted one. It is a useful gift that all of us enjoy getting this time of year, so we can sort out next year!
  • Jewelry, clothes, accessories and nightwear are all good options, but be careful: you should know the size and style of the person you are buying for!
  • Holiday candy and baked goods are always a good idea if you are really running out of time and cannot think of anything interesting to get!
  • A stylish mug is a very thematic gift since in the colder months everyone likes having hot chocolate, tea or coffee, so it would be both beautiful and useful. Or you could even get a small set if you want to go further?

Just avoid buying Christmas decorations and souvenirs: usually, people buy them on their own and do not want to pile excess stuff in their closet!