iOS Tricks You Didn’t Know

ios iphone secrets

We often buy stuff only because they are popular and pretty, but if you buy an iPhone, you have to know that it’s not just a pretty face, but also a deep clever machine.  There are a lot of tricks that you had never thought about, or you just neglected, but the smart guys from Apple make all the little details and tricks, which are handy and help us use our phones more and more intense in our everyday life. Check out for what I’m talking about:

  • If you need a super fast charging, you have to put your phone into the Airplane mode before the plug- in. This simple act will allow the battery to fully charge two times faster than it usually does. Great trick for short notice trip, right?
  • I know you often do your math on the phone and as you are only a human, you make mistakes. And by mistakes, I mean a mechanic mistake –  you type more numbers than needed. Instead of starting the solution all over, you can remove the last number by pushing it to the right with one simple motion of your finger. Try it, it works!
  • If you are traveling and suddenly your internet is off, make sure you have the Google Maps app. If so, you can use it offline. Zoom the area you want, type “ok maps” in the search box and enjoy the miracle. This simple act will give you the data without the need of internet connection. Amazing trick for unpredicted situations. You will never be lost again.
  • You know how hard it is to text a message while you are outdoors under the bright light of the sun. You can simply deal with that problem be inverting the colors of the display. Go to settings > general > accessibility > invert colors. Voila!
  • There are a lot of numbers with extensions and you get annoyed when you have to dial them, because you have to wait before the dialing of the extension. Here is a solution to this problem: write the main number, then hold the * and a comma will appear, after the coma add another number. It is as easy as it sounds.
  • Did you know that you can close more than one app at a time. Just use more fingers to lift the apps up. Use two or three fingers, enjoy that knowledge.
  • You can create a passcode that is different from the 4-numbers one you have in your options on the phone. Instead of using numbers, you can use letters. Go to the settings, then general, passcode, Turn off Simple Passcode. And again, simple and easy, the guys from Apple make it look so easy.
  • You can take a picture with the button of your headphones. It is quite convenient for many situations. But remember, your headphones must be plugged in.

These are the most curious tricks, of course, there are a lot more. It is really useful to read the instruction book for your iPhone.