Is the Beach Actually Really Gross


Right now is the perfect time to attend the beach. It is summer, the weather is hot and is perfect for a nice swim in the sea or the ocean. And let’s not forget to mention the tanning at the beach.

One of my favorite things in the world is the beach. I love being by the see and I am kind of in love with it. And I am quite sure it is not only me. I mean not that I also like the idea of being by the water and surfing but I like the idea of being in the sand.

I guess you have heard all of the reports around the ocean and sea waters that have been trading this summer and actually also the last few ones. There are reports about shark attacks, that make surfers scared. Then there are reports about bacteria and pollution in the waters and those scare the tourists. I guess all of those things are important and they should be concerning us all.

Of course if you are beaching by the sea the chances of a shark around you are as low as almost 0%. So you can relax at least about that. Not that there is no bacteria in the seas or pollution, but is one matter less. At least you won’t be eaten by a huge fish animal with sharp teeth.

One thing that people usually forget is that all of those summer vacations are not only connected to the water, but also the beach itself. Which means the sand and actually the place where many people like you lie down for as much as 8 hours per day in the summer.

It turns out that no mater how gross the water is, there is one thing that is and always will be way grosser – the BEACH. I guess you never thought about it that way. But the sand is something that is getting dirty and there is bacteria, although you don’t think about and you don’t notice.

There have been made quite so many researches, but people always take notice of things that are scandalous. So experts and they research say that the beach itself is compared to the water is 90% more safe. How is that as a number?

Another research shows that different beaches around the world that have been tested and compared to their have 100 times more fecal bacteria than the water. How about that?

I never really thought about the beach that way. For me it is that sacred and pure place where nothing bad (other than sun burn) can happen. But obviously I was wrong and as were many other people. This is probably why we should read and inform ourselves about things like that.

Researchers made a new study about the beaches and the bacteria they hold. They created three different microcosms (which are the same type of micro organisms that live in the sand – in other words bacteria). The samples for those organism were taken from three different beaches in Hawaii. The idea of that all was to observe how the bacteria reacted to sand and water and how it population change through time. For example how long it takes to become more and how much more. Thing that we probably don’t really get and understand. One of the things that they found our during that study was that the bacteria lived way longer in the sand, rather in the water, which then means that the beach is way more harmful to our bodies and immune systems than the water.

Now don’t get too scared. Don’t think of it as if every single time you hit the beach you will get a disease or something. All of the studies don’t have the idea to make you stop enjoying the beach. They just want to inform you, so that you take care of yourself and be cautious and know how to deal with stuff.

Have you ever been sick (like gotten a virus) from the sea or ocean water? I have and it was not pleasant, but it was something you overcome for not more than 24 hours. If you get sick from the sand – at the end of the day this is possible, because there is that same bacteria – you will probably have the same problem as you would from the water.

In order to avoid things like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and other virus symptoms you should just try to be as clean as possible. This means that you should be careful not to eat with dirty hands at the beach (I am sure your mom thought you right) and you should be as careful as possible so that no sand (or sea/ocean water) gets into your mouth. Those thing should save the vacation for you, you know. This is probably the best you can do for yourself and it will keep you as safe as possible while enjoying the beach.

So have a great summer and love yourself!