Which Are The Hottest Reads This Summer

What to read this summer?

Summer is here and so are the summer vacations which we have waited for so long. You have probably already made plans for all the things you want to do in the summer, and most importantly the things that make you relax fully.

Well, what better activity than getting some tan and at the same time to read an interesting novel. If you are a bookworm or have been waiting for some spare time to grab a novel and jump into its story, here is what we have prepared for you – a list of the hottest reads this summer.

Since people are different and have different tastes, there is a bit of everything for everyone. Crime novels, romantic novels, or adventure novel…

Nicholas Sparks Novels

Nicholas Sparks is one of the most famous romantic novelists nowadays. His books are bestsellers one after the other. The books we have chosen for you is “The Best of Me”, not because it is his newest novel, but because this fall the movie based on the novel will be in theaters.

And it is always better to read first the novel than to watch the movie. Most of the times the idea of the director is different from the idea of the author, and that changes the whole conception of the film, and it definitely changes the way the readers/viewers perceive the plot.

So, if you want to know whether the film or the book is better, just read it before you see the movie.

The Scarlet Letter Society

This is a book written by Mary MacCarthy. And if you have found some similarities between this title and the title of the classic novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, you are right. Reading this book you will find some of the themes and motifs that were current centuries ago.

In “The Scarlet Letter Society” you will jump into the world of three ladies who are juggling with their love lives trying to find what all the people want in this world – happiness.


For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Shakespeare’s forever young love story about the tragic destiny of a couple will not be forgotten soon. Not and when there are novels as Anne Fortier’s novel “Juliet” which is a great mixture of romance and adventure. The young Juliet was taken out of Italy when she was a baby, because of a terrible family secret. She is trying to unravel the mystery and to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Of course, we are not revealing too much of the story, but she will find her Romeo (duh!).

Beach Town

Our summer book list just won’t be complete if there is not a single book with a title and a story that unravels on the beach. The book “Beach Town” by Mary Kay Andrews tells the story of a young woman who wants to find the perfect beach where to shoot her movie. Well, as in every summer story there is love. We won’t tell you the whole story, but will just mention that fighting at first leads to passionate love later.

Mr. Monk and The New Lieutenant

Here is a book that will definitely not be qualified as a girly reading. There is no drama here, just pure fun and some mysterious murder cases that are waiting to be solved. If you are a fan of Mr. Monk TV series, then you will be glad to know that as far as the books are concerned, Mr. Monk will be still around to solve mysterious cases and to make us laugh at his numerous phobias and weird-like behavior.

The new book with the funny and sweet Mr. Monk was published this year. And do not think that you have seen everything of Monk, no, he still has a lot of things hiding in his sleeve.


One of the hottest reads this summer will definitely be Grey. And yes, girls, the pun was intended. You have probably already figured it out who we are talking about – no other than the famous Christian Grey, the protagonist in the best seller Fifty Shades of Grey. Since the trilogy turned to be a huge success, now the readers want more of it. And E.L. James gave them what they want. Grey is the story of 50 shades of Grey as told from Christian’s point of view.

Have you wondered what was going on in his head when you were reading the first three books?

Well, now with this book you have the chance.