Amalfi – Your Next Vacation Destination

Amalfi coast

Maybe it is snowy in your town, but we have to start planning our summer vacations early. If we want to catch the best offerings for the vacation we have to prepare early. Every year I neglect this advice and I happen to stay in crappy and overly expensive hotels. But this time I made my decision, I’ll visit Amalfi Coast.

See all the great stuff about Amalfi that summon me to choose that destination:

Italy. That’s the first and the most important reason for me to choose the Amalfi Coast – Southern Italy. The landscapes are mesmerizing, the people are so warm and hospitable and the food and the wine will never be enough. You can find the Amalfi coast in the Province of Salerno in Southern Italy, it is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula. The whole region lies in a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by warm to hot, dry summer and wet winters. If you are a fan of the hot weather and the bright sun, the Amalfi Coast will be the right place for your summer vacation.Amalfi coast Italy

If you are staying somewhere in Amalfi in the period between June and September, you are obligated to visit the Ravello and its festival. The center of the Ravello town is becoming a constant stage for different performances like concerts, ballet, film screenings and exhibitions. The program of the festival is colorful and the period is almost a whole year – from March till late October, but the brightest events are held between

June and September.

But the Ravello Festival is not the only thing that can make you choose this destination, there are a lot of other things, for instance:

Hire a boat. You are in the most hospitable climate place, hire a boat and travel along the coast, where you will admire the marvelous landscapes.

Eat seafood as close to the sea as you can. The Amalfi Coast is often visited only because of the food. Most of the restaurants along the coastline are preparing the food from what they caught during the day. The food is delicious and fresh. A visit to La Tonnarella will fulfil that desire for fresh seafood.

While you are in Amalfi you must take a bus ride. It sounds really cheesy, but the experience is one in a lifetime. The coastal trip from Sorrento to Salerno offers you the world’s great bus ride. The view is amazing and you will frighten a little bit from the heights and you will also respect the Italian engineers who built the road and the drivers who drive it.

If you want calm and peaceful atmosphere you should go to Amalfi off the season, because it is a famous tourist destination and sometimes it gets really crowdy. So, makeup your mind and book the desired dates. You will fall in love with Amalfi and Southern Italy.

Hurry up!