Travel With a Campervan

Travelling with camper

Here is a suggestion for your next adventure – rent a camper van. If you are up to for a trip that is off-urban, you definitely should try this option. The camper allows you to stay away from big cities and more often you’ll have to stay on the camp grounds, which are close enough to the picturesque views and rare places. But there are a few things that you have to prepare for and do your careful research.

First of all, draw your route. Use Google maps for more accurate information. Read some forums about the best and most recommended places, which will give you the perfect environment for your camper and your spare time.

Another highly important thing is to be aware of the “Hurricane season”. Stay away from the hot spots if you want to experience calm and no-accident vacation. Check the weather regularly all the time and if it’s necessary, change the route or the next destination.hire camper prices

For the destinations decision you should consider your preferences: lakes, mountains, music, art, ocean, National parks or a combination; and then map the route and check the weather.

And let’s check out which are the best campgrounds in America:

Of course, the first place will be taken by the Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim Campground. The rising of the sun will leave you speechless¬†while the sun rays are changing the colors of the layers rocks of the Grand Canyon.

If you wish to see some wild animals you can catch a sight of wild running mustangs, while you are camping at the Horse Thief Lake campground in Hill City, South Dakota. It is a small, calm, family-owned campground, which offers fire rings at each site a small shop for basic goods and as a bonus you will be able to enjoy a small heated pool.

Sometimes you just want to wake up in a place where the air is salty and the sun is bright, the perfect place for that would be the Boyd’s Key West campground in Key West, Florida.

Rohr’s Wilderness Tours in Conover, Wisconsin. This place will offer you a great experience while suggesting nature adventures like biking, canoeing, fishing, hiking or kayaking.

Some people will say that there is no need to put so much effort in renting the vehicle, doing the needed research and organizing the whole trip, while you can rely on tour agency or just book plane tickets, but this kind of road trip will leave a great memory in your lifetime experience that you will definitely want to do it again sometime.

So, don’t think too much, just do it!