Hang You Love Locks Here

where are your love locks

We have all been in love with the idea of going to Paris and hanging a love lock over the Pont des Arts bridge. Of course that is once we have our most beloved person with us.

Many people have hung their love locks around the Paris bridges. Including David and Victoria Beckham.

But those love locks have been adding too much weight to those bridges, which were not designed to carry all that weight. And so all the locks will be cut out from the Pont des Arts bridge and some more. How unfortunate is that?

On the upside though there are many other places (not so famous) where people can hang their love locks. And that is without it even being so dangerous – nothing will collapse, so that is a good thing. I think that it doesn’t matter where you hand the lock if you believe in it. Paris will remain the most romantic city in the world as will all those love lock locations you are going to read about.

So if you always wanted to hang one somewhere, do something new and go to one of the following locations:

Where to hang a love lock?

Via Dell’Amore, Cinque Terre

Via Dell'Amore, Cinque TerreIn my opinion Italy is as romantic as France. Actually, it is a little bit more romantic for more. Cinque Terre is a set of five small towns located over the sea. Their architecture, romanticism, food and wine are amazing. And they hold a special place – a bridge between Riomaggiore and Manarola.

During many years in history, it was a meeting place for lovers, so through time people begin to mark it as a place with the sign of love. Later on they started putting locks on the bridge. Now it is filled with them and it as romantic as you can imagine. This place is still a bridge – so it might collapse. But the Italians were smart enough to think of that – using a street called Via Dell’Amore (the street of love) to allow lovers to hang their love locks.

How amazing is that?

Butchers Bridge, Ljubljana

ljubljana bridgeSlovenia holds many treasures unknown for many people. Ljubljana is a historic town that offers a lot of history combined with beautiful architecture and some kind of romanticism. Well, the Slovenians had to be romantic in order to have a love lock bridge. The Butches Bridge is not as fascinating as the Paris bridges, but it is a new spin on love, not known from so many people, yet entertaining and quite fascinating. And the bridge looks like it was made, just so you can hand your love lock there. You ask why? Well, because it has metal wires which allow you very easy to attach you and your lovers love lock there.

Hohenzollen Bridge, Cologne

Although Germany is not noted as one of the most romantic countries around the world, people love and are in love everywhere. And that is quite fascinating. Most of the lovers attractions around the country are thought to be in Berlin, but as it turns out Cologne holds something special of its own.

If you happen to visit the city, don’t forget to heat to the Hohenzollen Bridge. It is a place where people in love have shown their commitment to one another by hanging love locks for a while now. And what is most fascinating about that place is the fact that the city even encourages people to go and hang their lock, not like Paris, where it is already kind of forbidden. It is even in many Cologne travel guides.

How cool is that ?