How to choose the right bra?

how to get the right bra

Recent researches show that over 80% of the women in the world are wearing the wrong bra for them. Most women don’t know how to choose a bra and have never actually thought about how it should be done. It is hard to find the right one if you don’t know what you are searching for.

So read along, so that you finally know what to look for, when you are bra shopping!

How to find the right bra size?

Let’s start with an easy one. When trying a bra always put on then a shirt to see how it looks. When you have a piece of clothing over the bra you must not see the outline of your bra! how to choose the right bra size

There are many reasons why this can happen – too big or too small size or even a wrong bra for an outfit and stuff like that. The solution to this problem is a seem less bra. And of course the right fit.

If you have picked up a way too tight of a bra there will be a bulge, no matter what your weight is. Usually we get it under the arms or on the back. And let’s face it is ugly and embarrassing both in the same time.

One thing you should do is try one size bigger. If that doesn’t work probably the problem is in the bra. Try one with a thicker, wider band. This applies also for the shoulder straps. A better support will prevent the bra bulge.

how to find the right braCheck the band

When trying on a bra and wearing one you can easily know if it is the right one just by checking the band on the back.

The strip on the back should stay at the center of the back without crossing or going higher to your neck.

It should be horizontal and at the same level as the underwear.

The same  way a bra will appear on a mannequin.

Bra cups shouldn’t be pressing

The cups of a bra shouldn’t be pressing your breasts so much that they pop out of it. This looks awful and is also unhealthy. If this is the case probably you should move along to a bigger cup size. With the right bra your breasts should fit perfectly into the cup, so that they are not squished, but also there shouldn’t be space to put your finger there.

If the cups are puckering, go try out a smaller cup to find right bra size

The other thing about bras after the importance of fitting is wearing the right one for a special outfit. For example for something backless it is major to not have bands and stuff popping out.

Imagine yourself in a sexy backless gown. Would you like for everyone to be seeing your bra?

My guess is no. The same thing applies for plunging or V necklines. Of course that doesn’t mean that you should go bra-less.

Just go to a lingerie shop and ask the consultants for help. The best way to find the right bra for an outfit is to have it with you!