Jumpsuits, Overalls and Playsuits


There is one big trend that has been all around for the last few season including last summer. This summer it is all back on and there is a reason why. Jumpsuits, overall and playsuits are something easy to wear. Yet they are something that can be both casual, but stylish and classy. Designers have been going crazy about those and then the common fashion brought them jumpsuits, playsuits and overalls in trend again.

I love all of those one piece clothing choices a person can make right now. First of all it is easy to wear them. You don’t need to think about a top and a bottom. You put the one piece on, add some accessories (or don’t) and shoes and you are ready to go.

Other than that jumpsuits, overalls and playsuits come in many varieties. They can be worn any season, depending on the fabric they are made of. And they can be something that saves the day for you (because they are so easy).


This is a one piece garment that has a long pant and can have variety of top parts. It can be sleeveless, with thin straps, with short or long sleeves. In other words you have a lot of options to choose from.

First of all lt me say that there is nothing classier than a black, sleeveless jumpsuit. Add to that some red or nude shoes, a statement necklace and a small black bag ad you will be the bomb. That is an outfit that you can attend any elegant event in. Other than black a white jumpsuit is quite classy too. And if I have to be honest many unconventional brides are choosing exactly that right now.

In your everyday life you can easily wear a floral jumpsuit with straps or short sleeves. You can combine it with some sneakers and you will still look stylish, but relaxed.

Jumpsuits usually are made from lighter fabrics. In winter they can come from a little bit thicker fabrics. But they are never made from denim.


This used to be worn in the navy. Nowadays though it is a fashionable statement garment. It is usually made out of denim. It can be made out of any color denim including black.

In the past denim overalls used to be worn usually by pregnant women. So for quite long time they were not though as of something fashionable and trendy. Nowadays though things look quite differently. Overalls are quite a statement and many celebrities and models wear them in their off duty looks.

Overalls can be skinny and fitted. That way they are a little bit sexier in a cool modelesque way. They show off your butt and curves and make you appear taller in most cases. If you are wearing a skinny overall it is quite cool to pair it with heels. It looks edgy and cool and it is also feminine in a way.

There is another type of overalls. They are the baggier type. It is like wearing boyfriend jeans but they are put into an overall. They can be short or long and they are more for the girls that have a tomboyish style. They too can be worn with heels. That makes them more feminine. Or you can add some ballerina flats. The effect will be the same. Other than that sneakers are always a good idea. Just be sure that you feel comfortable in your overalls and everything will be okay.


As the name states the playsuits are something sexier and more playful. In the past playsuits were something worn ONLY as lingerie. But with time they became a garment to go out in the public with. Nowadays there is quite many varieties and they are amazing.

The playsuits are a short garment. Usually they are above the knee. And that is part of what makes them sexy. In summer you can wear a sleeveless playsuit. But there can be found some with straps and short sleeves. Other than that in the winter (although the shortness) you can choose one with long sleeves to add up to your gorgeous winter style.

Since now is summer, we can talk more about what is suitable now. This summer florals are THE thing. So how can a modern sexy woman not own a floral playsuit? I love those and I always pair them them some sandal wedges. This makes my legs look stronger, fitter and longer, which honestly is quite important.

When talking about a playsuit, shapes vary too. You can have a very fitted playsuit. But let’s be honest – it is not for every body type. Luckily there are the more unfitted and ‘free’ in a way playsuits. And they go for literally EVERY body type. Many designer and common fashion brands nowadays even have many different options for playsuits in their plus-size section. Which is amazing!

Other than being elegant and wearing a playsuit with platforms or high heels you can makeup a more relaxed look. Go for something that doesn’t require too much and combine it with sneakers. If it were me I would go for some white chucks (but not the high tops, because they shorten the leg). This will makeup for an easy Sunday brunch look. Isn’t that lovely?