Keep Your Hands Soft Through The Winter


In the colder seasons our hands and lips are exposed to the cold more than anything else and they suffer a lot. We tend to forget to put lip balm or hand moisturizer and they become way to dry and sometimes we even have wounds. Turns out though that only using moisturizing products won’t do the trick for our hands.

Here are some things we can do to avoid sore and hurtful skin on the hands.

Use shower gels and soaps, which have glycerine as an ingredient in them. This will make your skin softer when you are in the shower. It is a great prep for the world outside of our baths. If your hands are way to dry, try to avoid soaps. Use oils and wet towel to massage them and this will soften them instantly.

As a whole your time under the shower might have more than one benefit. Some useful oils will give great benefits to your skin. Before getting in the shower apply sesame seed oil or olive oil and massage your hands. After the shower a great idea is to apply lotions while the skin is still damp, that way the skin will be more hydrated.

Great thing you can do for your hands is something that you are used to do for the face – mask. Here is a how to make one at home: a tbsp of glycerine should be mixed with 50ml of rose water. Stir those and apply to the hands. Leave it there for about 30 minutes. Then wash the whole thing off. After that apply a hydrating hand lotion. This should make your hands feel better in an instant.

One of the most important things to do for your pair of hands is to use gloves when you wash the dishes. The products that you use to wash them are believed to be unharmful and they tend do have balms that are should be good for the skin, but at the end of the day, after you wash the dishes your hands are dry and looking bad. Don’t ever go out in the cold just right after you had your hands under running water. Buy some kitchen gloves and always use them. After you are finished with them you should pat dry your hands and then apply hydrating cream.

Something everyone knows, but we often forget is to put on gloves when we are out in the cold.  Having them on everyday will reduce the stress for the skin on your hands as a whole.