Another great use for fo lip balm

Alternative use of lip balm

You know what I really like about makeup and beauty?

That there are very few products that serve only one purpose and can‘t be used for anything else.

And, if I have to be honest, and can‘t even think of a product like that which only makes me happier that I have found different ways to use all of my makeup. T

oday, I will share with you what great thing lip balm can do for you except for moisturizing your lips and keeping them healthy.

Find a lip balm that you don‘t use that often and be ready to test to tips immediately!

  1. You can use lip balm to massage your cuticles instead of a cuticle cream. In this case, lip balm will make your cuticles softer and you‘ll be able to remove them or shape them how you want. This is especially useful for people who don‘t go to a nail artist that often and have problems with removing cuticles without pain or blood!
  2. You can use lip balm when you have a cold to reduce redness around the nose. This tip is especially useful for the winter time because now‘s the time when we get colds more often. If your nose is red and the skin is irritated, just rub some lip balm on the irritated area after you have blew your nose and let it stay like that. Lip balm with soothe your skin and reduce the redness and the dry skin.
  3. If you are outside and it‘s really cold, if don‘t have gloves on your skin can become very dry and itchy. In this case, if you have some lip balm in you, apply a gentle amount of it on the dry areas and rub your hands together so the balm can heat and spread evenly on your hands.
  4. You can also take makeup off with that trick. Just dab a Q-tip in some lip balm and rut it around your eyes. This way, you‘ll be sure your makeup of perfect until you go home and have the chance to remove it with the proper tools.
  5. If your skin looks dull and you don‘t have any makeup in your bag, you can give it a little glow just by applying some lip balm on your cheekbones. It may sound weird, but it will reflect light and make your skin really healthy looking.