Losing Weight Can Be Fun


It is probably every woman’s dream to eat as much as she likes and still does not gain any weight. Unfortunately, not many lucky girls have the chance to enjoy this privilege. However, it is very hard to satisfy both your urge for eating and your desire for a slim figure. Some people tend to torture themselves and stop eating just so that they can lose a pound or two. Others think that if they avoid eating sugar and dough, they will be fine. But soon they realize they cannot entirely stop eating these products and they again start stuffing themselves with them, and thus they gain weight, and gain a lot of weight. How to avoid this from happening? How to have a gorgeous figure and still do not starve from hunger? The good news is that this is possible!Here are some easy tips that can help you lose weight.

Tip 1 Enjoy your meal

You need to remember not to eat foods that you do not like. Not only your brain will reject them, but your body as well, and in the end you will do no good for it. It is an important rule to enjoy your meal. When you are having your meal you must focus only on it, do not get distracted by the sound of the TV. Make this time of the day only for you. When you eat, chew your bites well and do not just swallow as fast as you can. The more you chew, the quicker you will feel full. And do you know what this means – you will eat less and you will lose weight.

Tip 2 Do not scratch out of the list your favorite foods

As I already mentioned, you should enjoy your meals. And this means that sometimes you should include in your diet the products you love, no matter whether they are full of calories, or are unhealthy. Well, of course, this does not mean that you should eat it every day. When you feel down sometimes, or you want to celebrate a victory or a good day at work, then you may treat yourself. And the next day continue with your usual routine of healthy balanced diet.

Tip 3 Avoid stress

Stress is the reason for almost all the diseases and health problems in the world. So, if you want to lose weight and to be healthy, try to avoid stress. You will feel energized and happier. I know that it is difficult, especially nowadays, to avoid stress, but you will have to try not to worry about the things you won’t change. Stress is very bad for your weight because it makes you store fat. You have probably noticed that when you are hungry, you tend to eat more food, especially chocolate, which, as you know, has a lot of calories.

Tip 4 Try not to eat right before going to sleep

You have probably heard of this very easy and not so hard diet: if you have just a few pounds extra, you can lose them in a few days. The only thing you need to do is stop eating after 5 pm. Some people make this mistake to avoid eating the whole day, and then stuff themselves with a lot of food in the evening. You need to remember that this is not at all healthy. Your stomach needs to have some time to digest the food. And if you have your dinner right before going to bed, you definitely won’t help your stomach and, on top of that, you will feel starving in the morning.

Tip 5 Drink water instead of soda

And, as a matter of fact, instead of every other kind of juice, or even coffee. The water is perfect when it comes to your health. But when it comes to losing weight, it is also a very important factor. One simple reason is that it will keep you full. If you drink a liter of water 10-15 minutes before having a meal, you will soon feel full after a couple of bites. Another advantage of water, compared to drinks like soda, is that it does not have any sugar in it, thus you won’t gain weight of the products that you even won’t remember drinking.

Tip 6 Eat small portions

When you feel starving it is a little difficult to imagine that you can eat a small portion of your meal. You can feel so hungry that you could eat “a cow”, so you just pile up the food in your plate. At one point, however, you feel already full, but you just cannot stop eating, and you need to empty your plate. This bad habit of yours does not help you lose weight, on the contrary. It would be better if you try not to feel that hungry, just try to cheat your hunger by giving him some small portions of food. If you turn this into a habit, you won’t even notice that you are hungry and you will manage to keep your weight the way it is and even lose some more.