Most Romantic Meals


Some say that a man’s love passes through the stomach. There is a great dose of truth in this statement: guys are often impressed by you preparing a big tasty meal for them since it shows that you can take care of them, but it also illustrates your strong feelings for them. Cooking for your boyfriend or husband is a personal act that shows your affection as opposed to simply going to a fancy restaurant. Besides,the home environment is cozier and more intimate, so you will both feel a lot more comfortable.

When it comes to a special occasion, an anniversary, his birthday or something like that, it is very nice to have a special meal on the table. It is a good idea to make something you have tried in the past, so that the dinner does not end up to be a catastrophe. In case you want to try and prepare a fancy meal you have not cooked before, make an attempt prior to the special day, so that you can learn from your mistakes, if there are any, or get someone experienced to help you out in the kitchen (your man does not need to know you did not do everything on your own!). That way everything will be perfect and you will not be worried that food will get in the way! Also, remember to check if he has special preferences, things he hates or any allergies!

Here is a list of some really good meals for a special romantic night!

  • Pasta: It is easy, quick to prepare and delicious. Almost everyone loves pasta, so you cannot go wrong with that! Whether it is Bolognese or Carbonara, it will impress your man for sure.
  • Sushi: Sushi sets are one of the most preferred dishes for special romantic occasions. About of third of people who have been asked what they would choose in such a case, point out that sushi is a great idea.
  • Chicken Estragon: It is a combination between chicken and cream with a little estrogen added. Again, it is not very difficult to prepare, yet it is tasty and looks fancy!
  • Cordon Bleu Steak: A steak is always a good idea for guys (except vegetarians obviously!). This French dish made with pork meat and tasty filling will give you energy and show how loving and caring you are.
  • A simple steak: If you are a traditional couple, you can always go for a grilled pork steak and add a nice bottle of red wine for more romance. Remember to at least lit some candles!
  • Gourmet Kitchen: maybe you and your boyfriend or husband, love experimenting with new things. If that is the case, go for some gourmet delicacies. There are lots of ideas on cookbooks or the internet, and some of them are not that hard!
  • Calamari: Seafood is very tasty, and it is also an aphrodisiac. However, not everyone is a fan of these dishes, so check if your man is one of those people before cooking something like that!
  • Chinese food: It is tasty and simple, yet a little more original than the usual meals which we prepare. Vegetable rice with a cool chicken dish is a great combination!