Most Stylish Looks For Winter 2014


The one thing I love about winter is when it comes to makeup and fashion, is all the holiday parties I can attend and all the fun I am going to have experimenting with my look! If you also want to experiment with your look an try the hottest winter trends, here are just some of them I thought you would like:

Dark lipstick is maybe one of the hottest trends for winter 2014. Dark, bold lips took the place of the heavy eye makeup and overnight all the celebrities started rocking that look. The most iconic one is definitely Kylie Jenner‘s who doesn‘t miss an opportunity to show off her enormous lips dressed in burgundy or dark brown color. If you are going for this trend, you have to consider the occasion, your skin tone and the color of your eyes and hair when choosing a color. Also, don‘t forget that dark lips need to be outlined for a perfect result so be sure to buy a corresponding lip pencil and a lip gloss to finish the whole look.

Almond-shaped nails are the next trend that made everybody crazy. Almond-shaped nails were always around, mostly for older women, but this year, almost out of nowhere, everybody started rocking that shape! Making them a bit sharp than they normally look, many celebrities choose the almond nails for their signature look in 2014. If you want to look spot on wherever you go, choose almond nails in dark neutral colors or with some sparkly design – or why not combine them to make your nails more fun?

The last hot trend you should try this winter is curly hair. This year it was all about the curls – defined, loose, wavy, natural, we saw curls everywhere and on everyone! Curls are perfect for winter mostly because straight hair usually gets wavy from the humidity and curled hair tends to stay in place. Curls are a great way to add volume to your hair of you don’t have any and also are the best decision of you have a day-old hair and you want a hairstyle that will last until you wash your hair again. In winter, with all the festivities going around, you can add something sparkly to your hair, like a headband or a bow and make your look even more glamorous!