Neon Nail Art

neon color nails

Even though it is winter you can have a little piece of the summer with you. And that is, on your nails. Here is a fun manicure in neon colors and leopard print that will remind you of summer. And the best part is that it is so colorful you can match it with a lot of outfits.

You will need a cream white nail polish, 2 other nail polishes in neon colors (I have chosen a green and an orange one because it will be best if you use complementary colors), a black nail polish, some tape, a sponge, a dotting tool, nail polish remover, and cotton swabs (just in case you need to clean up).

Here is how to do it:

Step 1
First, after applying a base coat, apply creamy white nail polish and let it dry. This is your base.

Step 2
Now get the tape and put it on your nails, on the left and right side of them. This way you create a gap in the center part of your nails. Make sure that when you apply the tape the lines are straight to achieve the maximum effect of this manicure.

Step 3
Get the sponge and paint a strip with each of the neon nail polishes. They have to be horizontal, one just above the other. Do not worry if they even overlap.

Step 4
Dab the sponge on each of your nails and move it lightly up and down. This movement will blend the line between the two colors and you will create something like a rainbow. Apply the polishes boldly, the tape will protect the rest of your nails and they will remain white.

Step 5
Wait for the nail polish to get absolutely dry. Then remove the tape in direction from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. And now you have nice straight lines.

Step 6
Now use the dotting tool to create small messy blobs of each of the neon nail polishes on the white areas of your nails. Make them scattered all over the space. And make use the polish is dry before you move to the second step.

Step 7
Using the dotting tool, place smaller dots of the black nail polish around the neon circles to create the leopard spots. Remember they do not have to be perfect, so the more different they are the better.

Step 8
Dip the cotton swabs into the nail polish remover and clean the skin around your nails if some of the nail polish accidentally fell there.

And your nails are ready. Enjoy!