The Secrets Of The Perfect At Home Pedicure

Selfmade pedicure

No matter if it‘s winter of summer and if our feet are showing or not, having a perfect pedicure is extremely important for every woman who wants to look good. But because of our daily routines we don‘t always have time to go to a beauty salon to get our nails and toenails done and that‘s why we often choose to do them at home instead of wasting time in a salon.

Taking care of your feet may sound hard at the beginning, but when to get the hang of it, you will see how easy it is in reality to have the perfect pedicure!

Before you start, choose the colors you will work with. I advise you to keep the color on your toenails neutral or something that can be easily combined if you have to wear heels with open toes. Sometimes, when we have to go to formal events and we wear heels with open toes, we forget that our nails aren‘t the most suitable color for the occasion and we either go with it or paint just the nails that are visible and leave the other nails with the old color. That‘s why sticking to neutral color when it comes to toenails it always a good idea!

Then, gather your supplies. You will need a bathtub or a large bowl; powdered milk or baking soda; nail file; foot grater; the nail polish of your chose and a foot cream to apply after that.

First, fill the bathtub of the large bowl with warm water to soak your feet in and add baking soda or powdered sugar which will make your skin softer and easier to work with. Then, when your skin is already soft, take a cuticle remover and take care of your cuticles gently without harming the skin and causing bleeding. Using a nail file, shape your nail and clean them gently. If you are satisfied with the way they look, move to the foot grater. Take the foot grater and start filing the rough areas of skin you have all over your feet. Be gently, but at the same time don‘t stop until an area is completely smooth and there is no build-ups.

Move to painting your nails. First, apply base coat. You can choose one that removes nail polish stains from your nails if you think there are any or use a regular base coat, it‘s up to you. Paint your nails like you do it every time and apply top coat. Wait from the nail polish to dry completely and apply moisturizing foot cream all over your feet to keep the skin smooth and soft and your feet – in perfect condition.