New Life for Your Old Jewelry 


You know how sad it is to have your favorite jewelry damaged, or one of your favorite earrings lost. You can’t wear only one of them, because they are perfect together, unlikely some other designs of earrings who allows wearing just the one of them. But the DIY senses tell you that you can give another chance of these jewelries, you can allow them to live another life by using them in other ways. Let’s see at the following ideas and I’m sure that you’ll get inspiration for your next DIY project. And also, make sure that your old, broken jewelry pieces are not thrown away, otherwise you won’t have materials for the projects, take a look:

Bobby pins. You know how some of the necklaces are made with many and different pieces of gems, studs, beads, pearls and so on. You can use all of these gorgeous pieces of art to glue them to some of your Bobby pins. I’d rather use the tiny white pearls or the huge square gems. These decorated pins will be able to serve you when you need some kind of detail to finish the look you want.

Winter hats. It’s that time of the year when we are obligated to wear hats if we want to stay away from the flu and of course, to protect the hair from the dry, cold air. But often the hats are too ordinary and familiar, they are not noticeable enough for your bright and happy style. So, how about customizing it with the gems from that gorgeous necklace, that your BFF left it to you in unacceptable condition. So, arrange the gems in a shape you like and sew them to the front of the hat (or somewhere else, it’s your decision) if the type of gems doesn’t allow sewing you can glue them with fabric glue, bought from some art store.

Napkin rings. For a fancy dinner, when the parents of your boyfriend are in town, you should make something more sophisticated with the decoration of the dinner table. Make a napkin rings out of your broken jewelry pieces. Just pick up the ones that will match the whole style of the table and attach them to plain napkin rings, which you can buy from one-dollar store. Impress them!

Jewelry bookmark. So far, that’s my favorite idea for giving new life of my damaged jewelry pieces. Just pick up your favorite book, choose your favorite jewelry piece and attach it to the bookmark of the book. Then place the bookmark at the favorite section of the book and enjoy the vintage look of your bookshelf.

Christmas tree. A great gift for Christmas is a Christmas tree made out of gems, studs and beads. It’s super easy to be made. Just make sure you have a frame (without the glass, just the frame), a cardboard in a size that will fit the frame and the old pieces of the broken jewelries. Glue them in the shape of a Christmas tree on the board and you are done with one gift for your friends or family.

Picture frame. A fancy picture requires a fancy frame, and the pieces of your broken jewelries will be handy in that situation. Buy an ordinary, cheap frame from the one-dollar store and glue the gems and studs on it, put the picture – done!
You can see that everything has many lives to live. Store your old stuff and someday they will be highly useful for you. Have fun!