Oil-free Skin in The Summer? Mission Possible!

soft skin in the summer

Longing for your summer vacation and imagining that everything would be perfect when the time comes, does not always happen. Due to the summer heat our skin begins melting. Well, ok, just sweating, but it feels like melting, which is extremely irritating.

There is still some good news, there are some techniques, which you should learn in order to solve this problem. And this way you will not have to worry, just to have a nice careless time on the beach all season long. Here are the useful hacks!

Choose a cleanser

Cleaners are very important for the health of the skin, and its appearance as well. If your skin is too oily, not only in the summer, but in the winter, you will need a stronger cleaning formula to achieve a maximum effect.

Such cleansers are the ones that have salicylic acid. This is an ingredient that cleans the skin in a deeper level. It is added in the cleanser because it is a great tool for cleaning oily, greasy skin. It is also used as an exfoliator. It absorbs the oil from the skin and you can easily apply your makeup after it without getting worried that it will run down your face when you get a little sweaty.

Do not clean it too often

Do you know that the more you wash your hair, the faster it will get greasier?

The same it is with your skin. It is important to clean it regularly to remove the bacteria and all the dirt that have ended up on your face, but you should also not overdo it. wash face twice a day at the most

Over-excessive face wash will only increase the production of oil. You should not wash your face more than 2 times a day – one in the morning when your skin is extremely greasy, and one before going to sleep, because you should not spread bacteria on your sheets. You will soon notice the difference.

Do not forget about the toner

Well, you will wash your face only two times a day, but it will still be a little greasy between washing-ups. So, what to do when you are not allowed to wash your face, but it still is greasy?

Well, here comes the toner. After you wash your face in the morning and before applying on makeup, apply toner on your face. It will prevent your skin from excessive oil production. It will normalize the pH levels in your skin, and you will feel it much stronger and healthier.

Always apply sun cream

The protection of your skin is extremely important and you should never neglect it, even if you do not intent to spend too much time exposed to sun rays, the sun will always find a way to get to you.

Sometimes you just forget about the sun, and when it is already too late (you have turned into a beetroot), you remember how important skin protection is. It may even lead to skin cancer, which is a good enough reason to take it seriously. There are some special formulas that will reduce the shine of your face skin and this way it will work both for your health and beauty.

Try with primers

There are some women that want to wear foundation always because they do not feel comfortable with their natural skin. But imagine how uncomfortable it will be if your foundation starts running down because of the heat, or if you use waterproof formula, the sweat will remain locked between your skin and foundation, which is uncomfortable enough.

So, forget about foundations and try with a lighter formula, in other words, primers. They contain waxes which will provide a smooth surface for your makeup. You will be able to apply makeup easily and effortlessly. With primers you will also have a natural-looking healthy glow of your skin.

You can also apply it before going to the beach, thus creating a barrier between your skin and the sun. Clever, huh?

Do not use heavy creams

When your skin is very dry in the winter, you need extra help to keep it fresh and soft. That is when heavy cream formulas come in hand, but in the summer you do not need this. Skin is naturally oilier in the summer with all the heat, sweating and the humid air.

So, if you apply heavy creams on it, your skin will not be able to contain all of this water in itself and will start releasing it through your sweat, which will be another quite annoying thing.

You should still apply moisturizing creams, but let this be before bedtime. And also take into consideration that the formula should be much lighter. Moisturizing your skin is good, and you should be used to it, but sometimes less is more. You will see the difference yourselves.