Reading Book Designs For Limited Space


Unfortunately, some of us don’t have the pleasure to be owners of huge and spacious flats or houses.

But no matter how big is your home, you can always get the maximum of it by using every space that you find appropriate for some project you want to achieve. For instance, reading nooks. You might think that there is no room for another sofa or shelf anywhere in the place, but believe me, if you have empty walls, you will find a place in the so-cozy-and-favorite reading world.

If you have a whole empty wall you can attach to it shelves from the floor to the ceiling and leave an empty space between the shelves for a cozy sofa. You can measure the space and give the dimensions to a professional craftsman to design and make the shelves. Or if you want to do it all by yourself there are plenty of ideas and tutorials for making your own shelves. It’s up to you.

But personally my favorite idea for a reading nook is the one around a window.

First of all – the health of the eyes. It’s best to read in a daily light, which will perfectly be delivered by the window. Second of all, it is practical. And the third and the best thing is the feeling. In my opinion, it’s the coziest idea of arranging a reading nook.

Here is what I would do right after I finish this article:

I’ll take the sizes of the empty spaces around my window. The good part is that it is not too high or too low, there is room both for a couch with built in coffers and above the window there is room for bureaus. And at the sides of the window will be my shelves for the books. I’ll put on the couch several cushions, which will match the whole design of the room, by style and colors.

But before the cushions, let’s make the whole kit. As I said earlier you can trust a professional craftsman, but you can ask your husband and the two of you could handle it, I’m sure. Well, I’ll choose the second scenario, I’ll suggest the idea to my boyfriend and I’m sure he will agree, because he is really good at crafting.

Bye, bye for now. I’m going to the store to buy the needed materials and tools and we will get soon to work on this beautiful interior project.

Have fun!